Nicktoons Unite! is a TV Series. based on video games Nicktoons Racing, Nickelodeon Party Blast, Nicktoons Freeze Frame Frenzy, Nicktoons Unite!, Nicktoons: Battle for Volcano Island, Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots and Nicktoons: Globs of Doom featuring characters from SpongeBob SquarePants, Danny Phantom, Tak and the Power of Juju, The Fairly OddParents, My Life as a Teenage Robot, The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius and More.


The Nicktoons (SpongeBob SquarePants, Timmy Turner, Tak, Rocko the Wallaby, Jenny Wakeman, Danny Phantom and Jimmy Neutron) Help Other Nicktoons from Every Shows and Every time They Save the World.


  • Part 1

One morning, when Jenny Wakeman goes out of her house, she sees that Plankton has taken over Bikini Bottom and used multiple tank-like vacuums to suck away all of the town's civilians. She sees Goddard coming out through a portal and receives a message from SpongeBob SquarePants and Jimmy Neutron. She follows Goddard through the portal to Jimmy's lab and meets The Other Heros Danny Phantom, Tak and Timmy Turner. Since SpongeBob is an aquatic being in need of water, Jimmy uses one of his few non-backfiring inventions to coat SpongeBob in a coat of self-regenerating moisture Jimmy tells his interdimensional guests about his new invention, The Universe Portal Machine. As he says, it allows people to travel to other worlds. But Prof. Calamitous has been spying on him, stole his idea and created his own Portal Machine. With it, he brought Plankton, Vlad Plasmius, and Denzel Crocker to his dimension. They formed a Syndicate and proceed to steal energy from all the worlds. Since our heroes do not know where Calamitous' lair is, they start with saving all of their worlds first.

Danny suggests that they go to his world first, so Jimmy uses the portal machine to take them to Casper High in Amity Park. However, much to their surprise they end up in the throne room of Vlad's new castle, which he built over Casper High. Vlad reveals that he is using his personal ghost-portal to syphon ghost energy from the Ghost Zone to help further the Syndicate's ultimate plan. Also, as a precaution, Vlad had captured (unknown to the rest of the good guys) Danny's parents. As usual, Vlad tries to win Danny over to his side, but Danny rebuffs the offer as usual. Confident, Vlad knocks them unconscious and imprisons in the Ghost Zone Prison now under his control. Befreinding the imprisoned Box Ghost. the Nicktoons Save Rocko the Wallaby (who Joins the Team) and escape their holding area and proceed onwards with Danny phasing through the walls and deactivating the machines that keep physical beings from escaping. However, at the exit, the meet the Warden of the Prison, Walker, who is not too happy with their prison break. Knocking Walker out, Danny leads the heroes to the ghost-portal leading to the basement of Fenton Works, where he quickly lies that he has no relation to the Fentons and that they are the experts in Ghost Hunting. They exit Fenton Works and encounter Danny's friends, Sam and Tucker, who tell them some of the people in Amity Park have been possessed by the ghosts released from Vlad's portal. The Nicktoons use Danny's ghost powers to drive the possessors out and beat the ghosts senseless. Taking a shortcut to Plasmius' castle through the Amity Park Graveyard, the Nicktoons arrive and Jimmy realizes that there are generators that help Vlad keep the portal open. They find the generators, and destroy them, shutting off the portal. When they find Vlad, the Nicktoons defeat him with the help of the 'Ghost Gauntlets' Jack Fenton (Danny's dad) was wearing while Danny possessed him to gain the upper hand. While Jack and Maddie recover from the trance Vlad placed them in, Vlad gloats to the heroes that the Syndicate is building something and have sufficient ghost energy to help power it before fleeing his world.

Next, our heroes go to Bikini Bottom to fight Plankton (with Jimmy, Danny, Jenny, Rocko, Tak and Timmy using Jimmy air gum to breathe underwater). They meet Sandy, and follow her to The Krusty Krab. Sandy tells the Nicktoons that they should find some guards which should help them find Plankton and the Jellyfish Factory. Fortunately, they found the guards. Sandy then explains that Plankton uses the harvesters to capture various Jellyfish, and is extracting power from their sting in the factory. Plankton also captured Mr. Krabs. Sandy told the Nicktoons that they must go into the Jellyfish Factory and free all the Jellyfish. After Timmy asked if they have any secret agents (since he thought that it's like a spy movie), Sandy said that they have an agent in Jellyfish Fields, who reveals to be Patrick, but he's been captured by a Jellyfish harvester. After destroying all the harvesters, the Nicktoons go to the factory but during the journey, they find themselves on the Flying Dutchman's ship and the Flying Dutchman is going to make them his new crew for all eternity (minus SpongeBob as he has had to put up with his annoying antics before). Luckily, the Dutchman decides to free them after they bring back his old crew (Danny lightly mentioned he's good at telling ghosts what to do). When the Nicktoons arrived to the Chum Bucket (now heavily modified into a grand castle next to the factory), they free Patrick, then free all the Jellyfish by opening the emergency vents. Later, they went up to the top of the Chum Bucket, where they face Plankton (using a robot crab)and rescue Mr. Krabs (who was being tortured by having money taken and given to him). The Nicktoons find out that the villains are extracting energy for a Doomsday Device and that Mr Crocker is still supplying power to it from Dimsdale.

In Dimmsdale, the Nicktoons see Crocker has made the fortress made of gold. They also find a rainbow of pure Fairy Magic from the Fairy World that is ending there, so they go in. After they re-activate the prisms, they get transported to Fairy World, where they meet Jorgen Von Strangle. (Since Jimmy has already met and misunderstood the existence of Fairies, he explains wrongly that they are in a computer simulation) Jorgen explains that Crocker is extracting the magic from the Big Wand (which powers the fairies magic wands) to feed the Doomsday Machine. After freeing the fairies, they go to The Big Wand, where they defeat Crocker (who used the big wand's magic to give himself a powerful battle suit and limited magic). SpongeBob, Tak and Danny deduce that the villains are retreating to Retroville in Jimmy's world to regroup after being defeated. Timmy then assures his new friends that everything will be okay now that the Big Wand is giving fairies back their full magic. He tries to wish the bad guys into jail and the Doomsday machine dismantled. However, Wanda says Da Rules only allow changes to Dimsdale's dimension, disappointing the heroes.

The Nicktoons return to Retroville to think of a new plan, where Jimmy finds Cindy in his lab and he also receives a message from Calamitous (still having trouble finishing things) that they have almost finished the Doomsday Machine and the Nicktoons cannot stop them. After SpongeBob notices that Goddard has fleas, Jimmy says that Goddard does not get the fleas. Then, he figured out how Calamitous could spy on him; he was using a flea-bot inside Goddard. So the Nicktoons shrink themselves down and go to Goddard's stomach. They beat a lot of mini flea-bots throughout Goddard, and Jimmy explains that the others need to gain Goddard's trust before they can receive clearance and proceed(Jimmy already had clearance). Danny, Rocko, Timmy and SpongeBob gain Goddard's trust by helping him in his memory, as Jimmy programmed Goddard to act like a normal dog. They go to Goddard's head and beat the giant flea-bot. Jimmy used the flea-bot's circuitry and locate Calamitous' secret lair, which is situated under an old warehouse. When they get to Calamitous' Doomsday lab, they find The Syndicate in a wheel-like machine which shields them. Overconfident, the Syndicate declares they will destroy Retroville's dimension as a demonstration fo their power. However, the heroes beat the Syndicate but they see that the Doomsday Device is still counting down to destroy Jimmy's universe and it cannot be stopped. Luckily Jenny and SpongeBob unplugs the Doomsday Machine and saves the universe.

Calamitous laments that he forgot a back-up system. After putting Calamitous in jail and the trapping the villains, the Nicktoons said themselves goodbye, but before they went, Jimmy gave them the Neutronic Recallers in case of another event like this. SpongeBob and Rocko said that Jimmy can visit him anytime he likes, but then he said he should get going, so he will not be charged by Mr. Krabs for wasting his time (even though SpongeBob and the others saved his life from Plankton, whose imprisonment is unknown. Though most likely, he's in SpongeBob's pocket), Danny and Jenny gave Jimmy a copy of the Fenton Thermos (since the original thermos had Vlad trapped inside, Danny used Jimmy's now non-glithed Matter Duplicator to make a copy), which Jimmy says may help him figure out what "those phantasmol images really were" as he does not believe in ghosts, then Tak and Timmy thanked Jimmy for lending him his Hyper-Cube for holding Crocker until Timmy and his fairies get back to Dimmsdale as Cindy waves him off. After this, Jimmy says a familiar line: "Cindy, get out of my lab!".

  • Part 2

On Volcano Island, a couple of crabs, led by the Wise Crab, are enacting a ritual to send heroes there to save their island. But the Mawgu, an evil being, brings the ritual to a halt, scattering the heroes. Tak, Rocko the Wallaby, Jenny Wakeman, Danny Phantom and SpongeBob SquarePants fall from the sky and end up with the Wise Old Crab, and he explains why they were dropped here: The Mawgu was an ancient enemy who escaped his prison, and seeks vengeance, using a toxic ooze which corrupts everything it touches, but the prophecies say that "The Chosen Ones" will save them. The Crab trains them and tells the heroes to follow him so that he can direct them to camp. The heroes stop various enemies, and then find Dudley Puppy, CatDog, King Julien, Maurice, Mort and Patrick. They then go Shipwreck Cliff and rescue Reggie Rocket, Penny Sanchez and Tucker from repeatedly regurgitating giant seagulls. They then find camp, and are given the mission to find the "Night Girl 1 (Sam Manson)", the "Island's Beaver (Norbert)" the "Night Girl 2 (Jazz Fenton)" the "Tiger of the Eye (Kitty Katswell)" and the "Whiny Cephalopod (Squidward Tentacles)", and they are found.

Timmy Turner and The Penguins is then found at Fort Crabclaw with a Jimmy Neutron communicator which fell from the sky. However, the machine has no batteries. The heroes are then sent to destroy The Great Carapace, a giant sand monster with a wooden shell. They destroy the shell and push the monster into a waterfall by using catapults and coconuts. They are then rewarded with a jewel, which is the battery for the communicator. They talk to Jimmy using the communicator, and Jimmy explains that Mawgu is using a Rip in Time and Space to steal energy from all the worlds and keep it all for himself, and if he succeeds their worlds will be destroyed. Then Jimmy sends Tucker plans for the Neutronic Rip- Zipper, a device that recovers all the energy Mawgu stole and closes the Rip. The parts they need for the device are scattered across the Island. Then the wise old crab says that he knows where the last hero is, the deep sea squirrel (Sandy Cheeks) after they climb a pyramid, they find Sandy fighting Monsters. After the heroes help her they find the first part for the rip-zipper behind a crystal wall. After the Nicktoons gain all three Rip-Zipper items, they go in the Volcano, and find The Mawgu, whom transports them between Time and Space. The Nicktoons then succeed in defeating Mawgu, imprisoning him within the Rip, and closing it.

The heroes are praised for the save of the island and Jimmy is able to activate a portal to send them home. It shows at the end, that the heroes heads' are carved on the side of a mountain.

  • Part 3

The opening intro for the game features Calamitous on some sort of game show. Professor Calamitous states that by feeding Fairies Krabby Patties, they can emit a gas that, combined with Ghost energy, can be used as a form of fuel for his Army of Toybots.

The game itself opens with Patrick Star and SpongeBob SquarePants delivering a truckload of several million Krabby Patties to a krabby patty processing and toybot factory. Upon arriving at the factory, A robot sucks up all the Krabby Patties, and Patrick unintentionally in the process. Spongebob chases after the robot, and eventually finds his way into the factory.

After finding his way through the factory, Spongebob finds Patrick vacuum-packed like a toy. After freeing Patrick, he meets Tak, who claims to have been abducted and scanned. They later find Timmy, The Gromble, Rocko the Wallaby, GIR, Stimpy J. Cat, Katara and Jimmy who also claim to have been abducted and scanned. They meet the Chad-Bot, a robot who is the Professor's helper. They ask him to use a dimensional communicator to contact Danny Phantom and commands them to find more master models for his collection.

After collecting enough master models, contacting Jenny, Danny, Tucker and Sam in Amity Park and destroying most of the Toybots attacking the worlds, they finally invade Calamitous' new lair and break into the main studio where Calamitous is still a contestant on the game show. Shockingly, the game show ends with Chad-Bot being the winner since he best used the three key elements. Calamitous ends up locked down in a immobilization claw and sits helplessly as Chad-Bot also wins a Biggest Genius Victory sash, and a mustache shaver, which he proceeds to shave off Calamitous' mustache. They don't show Calamitous' face after this point, only to hear him whining.

  • Part 4

One seemingly normal day, SpongeBob and Squidward are on their way to work when huge asteroids start raining down on Bikini Bottom. A huge drop of goo falls on Squidward, causing the top part of his face to turn orange and become a cyclops of some sort. He becomes a zombie, chasing SpongeBob around the perimeter of someone's house until Patrick intervenes. Jimmy Neutron then arrives to take them to the Mawgu lair. Soon, the gooey creatures spawning from the asteroids start taking over Bikini Bottom...

SpongeBob and Patrick explore the vast Mawgu lair, where they meet Danny Phantom, Sam Manson, Rocko the Wallaby, Timmy Turner, Jenny Wakeman, CatDog, Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, The Penguins, Fanboy, Chum Chum and Tak and the new Evil Syndicate composed of Technus, Beautiful Gorgeous, Denzel Crocker, Traloc and Plankton. Zim and Dib then arrive, with Zim joining the good guys, and Dib joining the Syndicate. They make a plan to stop the gooey creatures, identified as Morphoids, when the Wise Old Crab arrives to inform them about the technology in the lair. Jimmy is able to figure it out, and fits everyone with weapons fitting their personality: Jimmy receives some sort of helmet and a tennis racket, SpongeBob gets a bubble blower, Danny receives a device that allowed him to partly clone himself, Tak and Rocko is given a staff, and Zim receives a plunger (or as he refers to it, "It is a Plunger of DOOM!!!") Jenny receives a heart-shaped megaphone, and CatDog is given a hammer. Meanwhile on the evil side, Crocker and Technus receives an arm blaster, Plankton is given a hammer that allowed him to grow (about to the height of Jimmy, Rocko, Zim, and SpongeBob), Traloc receives a pouch of magic potions, Dib is given a gun-like balloon launcher, and Beautiful Gorgeous receives a heart-shaped megaphone.

They go through Bikini Bottom, and they meet Bubble Bass down with the last Krabby Patty he had in his bag. Checking if he has some more Krabby Patties in his bag, a blob of goo lands on his last Krabby Patty he had in his hands. He shoves the Patty with goo into his mouth, which makes him grow gigantic and become a zombie. They travel troughout Bikini Bottom, where the group battles an army of Morphoids, free Gary, Squidward, and Patrick from the Goo. They defeat this new menace by feeding him Krabby Patties (which ironically turned him into a zombie in the first place). When Bubble Bass can't eat anymore Krabby Patties, he vomits a large amount of goo... which land on SpongBob. SpongeBob is then doused in goo, but doesn't mutate like the other people on Bikini Bottom. At the lair, when he was done being washed off the goo, he suddenely then says in a evil voice: "Your world will end! My Globs of Doom will rain over your world... and take control... Bwaa!! Haa!", while the Wise Old Crab informs them that a huge robot called the Vessel of Portentia is hidden in the Mawgu Lair, and requires four special components to power it up.

The next world they go to is Zim's town, where Gir was playing with a taco which happened to be the first componet of the Vessel Of Portentia. When Zim demanded Gir to drop the componet, a blob of goo rained down, landing on Gir, mutating him. Gir picks up the componet, and runs away. While They manage to free Ms. Bitters, Gaz, and Professor Membrane, then face the corrupted Gir, who has sprouted several mechanical tentacles and has the ability to summon Morphoids from his very being, using his house to fight. He soon tires out of attacking the heroes, and is then beat up out of being possessed. The house drops some goo, which lands on SpongeBob (SpongeBob remarks "Hey! Is there a sign on me that says 'Goo Sponge'?"). When they retrieve the first piece, SpongeBob says: "We've got it! The first piece of the Vessel of..." which is then interrupted by the same evil voice that happened earlier. Saying: "... but it won't be enough to stop me from..." SpongeBob then talks in a even deeper voice, saying: " ... SMUGGLERING your insignificant planet!" The group finds out that the absorbation of goo in SpongeBob's body is creating a wavelength so the leader of the Morphoids can talk through him. SpongeBob snaps out of it when he smells a Krabby Patty Patrick was holding.

They venture to Amity Park, where Morphoid asteroids rain on the citizens, freeing the Ghost Dog in the process. Not soon after, a blob of goo falls on its head, resulting in him too being mutated. He goes on a rampage through town. After freeing Dash, Tucker, and Jazz, they fight the Ghost Dog at a power plant, where Ghost Dog crashes into the wall, which his goo flies off. Right as the goo was about to land on SpongeBob, SpongeBob says: "I'm no Shaman, but I now what's gonna happen next.". SpongeBob is yet again splattered in goo. They gain another piece of the Vessel, and it is at the lair that Globulous Maximus, who has just revealed himself, once again talks through SpongeBob, saying: " Little yellow one... you are soft and squishy... and tiny absorbant. I... am Globulous Maximus! Ruler of the Morphoids!... I speak... through you..." The ordinary Krabby Patty smell didn't make SpongeBob snap out of it, so Technus had to flick SpongeBob's nose so he could snap out of the trance. SpongeBob tells his group that he saw Globulous Maximus (a similarity to the word "Gluteus Maximus") which was the ruler of the Morphoids, SpongeBob says he will bring Doom, Gloom, and Evil.

They then head to Retroville, where the goo has turned Jimmy's girl-eating plant into a monstrous giant, and prepares to eat Cindy whole (expectedly). After defeating several more Morphoids and freeing Carl, Cindy, and Sheen, they fight the girl-eating plant at the mall. After being consumed several times (and beating up the plant's fragile heart), the team manages to defeat the girl-eating plant which spits out a giant glob of goo. SpongeBob easily avoids the glob, but another glob lands right on top of him. The third piece of the Vessel is retrieved, though. SpongeBob states that Globulous Maximus was only a few lightyears away from Earth and was preparing to send more gigantic Morphoids to destroy it.

Finally, they go to Pupununu Village and find the fourth componet of the Vessel of Portentia covered in goo. SpongeBob pokes the goo to try and free the componet, but ends up being covered in goo. He grabs the componet and races to the Mawgu Lair.

Back at the Mawgu lair, the evil voice of Globulous Maximus says: "Square, yellow creature of are unlike anyone I have met before... I... have grown tired of my gooey life... and for the first moment since the beginning of time...I... Globulous Maximus... choose to become something else... SOMEONE else, actually... I choose to become... you..." Globulous' speech is briefly interrupted when the regular SpongeBob asks: "Me?". Globulous then continues: "Yes, you... I like you.. you are good... you are happy... you are wholesome... like homemade bread."

The team quickly inserts the pieces of the Vessel of Portentia, and then speed towards space, where they confront and defeat Globulous Maximus, who is a large asteroid himself with floating arms and a primary eye (along with several non-functioning others). After Globulous is defeated, the Evil Syndicate betrays the rest of the group because they wanted to capture Globulous for their own evil plans, taking over the Vessel of Portentia and ejecting the heroes from the robot. Globulous Maximus then opens up to the heroes, where he reveals that he was created at the beginning of the universe, the Big Sneeze (a simmalarity to the Big Bang), thus making him a huge orange booger. SpongeBob then asks why he was destroying worlds, with Globulous replying that he was distasteful of his form and thus took out his anger on others. SpongeBob then tells him to embrace who (or what) he is, and they throw Krabby Patties in his mouth to make him feel better. The group then wonders how they will stop the Evil Syndicate from taking over the Earth. Globulous states that he has an idea, and morphs into a huge, orange, and cycloptic version of SpongeBob.

Using this form, Globulous and the heroes manage to defeat the Vessel of Portentia on the moon, and it explodes in space, leaving the villains floating around. Dib thinks that this is the part where the villains retreat with their tails between their legs, but Plankton contradicts this statement, saying that it's the part where "the villains pound their fist and say 'Curses! Foiled again!'". Technus invites Plankton over to his hand, where he executes Plankton's statement, albeit with Technus pounding Plankton to a pulp on his palm.

Globulous returns the heroes to Earth, and says that he will right the wrongs in the universe, taking the moniker "SpongeGlob". The heroes bid him farewell, and SpongeGlob blasts off into space. Meanwhile, SpongeBob sneezes, and the goo finally exits from his body through his many holes. Patrick compares this moment to the beginning of the universe where SpongeGlob was born, while the Wise Old Crab then summons a typical "The End" sign.

  • Part 5

Producers of the superhero show, "The Adventures of Mermaidman & Barnacleboy," are filming a special episode in Bikini Bottom and using the locals as actors. All your favorites are desperate to impress the talent scouts who have created a series of action-packed challenges to test the wannabe stars. SpongeBob SquarePants, Patrick Star, Sandy Cheeks, Squidward Tentacles, Timmy Turner, Tak, Rocko the Wallaby, Jenny Wakeman, Danny Phantom, Tucker, Sam Manson, Jazz Fenton, Jimmy Neutron, Sheen Estevez, Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell, Reggie Rocket, Penny Sanchez, CatDog, The Penguins, King Julien, Maurice, Mort, Norbert, Fanboy, Chum Chum, Technus, Beautiful Gorgeous, Denzel Crocker, Traloc and Plankton (The Nicktoons) Battle against for 9 different roles, including the coveted supervillain role, the Sneaky Hermit.

  1. Pupununu Village, hosted by Chief Zogsnob, for the Waiter role
  2. Dimmsdale, hosted by Jorgen Von Strangle, for the Lookout role
  3. Petropolis, hosted by Keswick, for the Police Officer role
  4. Central Park Zoo, hosted by King Julien, for the Maestro role
  5. Jenny's Town, hosted by Dr. Nora Wakeman, for the Captive role
  6. Galaxy Hills, hosted by Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason, for the Hunter role
  7. Amity Park, hosted by The Box Ghost, for the Prison Guard role
  8. Bikini Bottom, hosted by Larry the Lobster, for the Stunt Double role

Master Model Figures of Otto Rocket, Angelica Pickles, Katara, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, Frida Suárez, Kowalski, Dash Baxter, Chester McBadbat, Rocko, Gromble, Wanda, Ginger, Rudy Tabootie, Tucker Foley, CatDog, Pip, Jenny Wakeman, Donnie, Jibolba, Vicky, Dagget, Mr. Nesmith, Powdered Toast Man, Mrs. X, Mr. Hank Mufflin, Tommy Pickles, White Pantera, Goddard, Norm the Genie, Toph, Ren, Walker, Sandy Cheeks, Gordon, GIR, Cosmo and Otis


Main Characters

  • SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy and Squidward (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Tak (Tak and the Power of Juju)
  • Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda (The Fairly OddParents)
  • Jenny Wakeman (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
  • Rocko (Rocko's Modern Life)
  • Danny Phantom, Jasmine 'Jazz' Fenton, Samantha 'Sam' Manson and Tucker Foley (Danny Phantom)
  • Jimmy Neutron, Goddard and Carl Wheezer (Jimmy Neutron)

Other Characters

  • Squilliam, Gill Hammerstein, The Flying Dutchman, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, Man Ray, Karen the Computer Wife, Plankton, Johnny Erain, Bubble Bass, Larry, Gary, Mrs. Puff and Mr. Krabs (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Jeera, Professor Membrane, Chief Zogsnob and Traloc (Tak and the Power of Juju)
  • Chester McBadbat, Jorgen Von Strangle, Trixie Tang, Norm the Genie, Denzel Crocker and Mama Cosmo (The Fairly OddParents)
  • Dr. Nora Wakeman (My Life as a Teenage Robot)
  • Dingo and the Bigheads (Rocko's Modern Life)
  • Nicolai Technus, Dash Baxter, Ghost Dog, The Box Ghost, Jack Fenton, Vlad and Walker (Danny Phantom)
  • Beautiful Gorgeous, Prof. Calamitous, Cindy Vortex, Libby Folfax and the Yaikons (Jimmy Neutron)
  • Fanboy, Chum Chum and Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason (Fanboy and Chum Chum)
  • Dudley Puppy, Kitty Katswell and Keswick (T.U.F.F. Puppy)
  • Sheen Estevez, Ultralord, Doppy Dopweiler, Mr. Nesmith and Dorkus Aurelius (Planet Sheen)
  • Skipper, Kowalski, Private, Rico, King Julien XIII, Maurice, Mort and Marlene (The Penguins of Madagascar)
  • Penny Sanchez and Snap (ChalkZone)
  • Norbert (The Angry Beavers)
  • Otto, Sam, Reggie, Twister and Tito (Rocket Power)
  • Ren, Stimpy, The Gilded Yak, Mr. Horse and Powdered Toast Man (Ren and Stimpy)
  • CatDog
  • Eliza, Debbie, Darwin, Nigel, Maryann and Donnie (The Wild Thornberrys)
  • Hiro Mightypaw (Monkey Quest)
  • Aang, Katara, Zuko and Toph (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Courtney and Ginger (As Told by Ginger)
  • Pelswick and Gram-Gram (Pelswick)
  • Angelica Pickles, Tommy Pickles, Phil and Lil, Chuckie Finster, Kimi and Susie (Rugrats)
  • Krumm and The Gromble (Aaahh!!! Real Monsters)
  • El Tigre and Frida Suárez (El Tigre)
  • Henry and June (KaBlam!)
  • Dong, Porkchop, Petti and Skeeter (Doug)
  • Tuesday X (The X's)
  • Arnold, Pheobe, Gerald, Sid, Grandpa Phil, Stinky, Harold and Helga (Hey Arnold!)
  • Stick Stickly (Nick in the Afternoon)
  • The Flesh, Stinky Diver, The Chief, The Announcer and Bill the Lab Guy (Action League Now!)
  • Otis the Cow and Pip the Mouse (Back at the Barnyard)
  • Zim, Gir, Gaz, Ms. Bitters and Dib (Invader Zim)


  • Janice Kawaye - Jenny Wakeman
  • Candi Milo - Dr. Nora Wakeman
  • Dee Bradley Balker - Globulous
  • Bill Farmer - Plant King/Plant Guard
  • Amber Hood - Little Crab
  • Saffron Henderson - Insect Queen
  • Jim Ward - Game Show Host/The ChadBot
  • Bill Farmer, Saffron Henderson, James Peak, Nolan North and Amber Hood - Crab Follower/Crab Refugee/Crab Soldier/Crab Sarge
  • Dee Bradley Balker - Squilliam/Maximus/Old Hermit Crab/Bubble Bass
  • Fred Tatasciore - Mawgu/Plant Bully
  • Chris Jojo - Race Announcer
  • Lloyd Sherr - Jibolba
  • Paul Christie - Stick Stickly
  • Hal Sparks - Tak
  • Kari Wahlgren - Jeera
  • Jeff Bennett - Chief Zogsnob/Keswick/Kowalski/Dorkus
  • Tom Kenny - SpongeBob SquarePants/Gary/Dog/French Narrator
  • Bill Fagerbakke - Patrick Star
  • Clancy Brown - Mr. Krabs
  • Rodger Bumpass - Squidward Tentacles/Professor Membrane
  • Nolan North - Gill Hammerstein
  • Carolyn Lawrence - Sandy/Cindy Vortex
  • Brian Doyle-Murray - The Flying Dutchman
  • Joe Alaskey - Mermaid Man
  • Tim Conway - Barnacle Boy
  • Bob Joles - Man Ray
  • Jill Talley - Karen the Computer Wife
  • Mr. Lawrence - Plankton/Larry the Lobster/Johnny Erain
  • Alec Baldwin - Dennis
  • Tara Strong - Timmy
  • Susanne Blakeslee - Wanda
  • Daran Norris - Cosmo/Jorgen Von Strangle
  • Jason Marsden - Chester McBadbat
  • Dionne Quan - Trixie Tang
  • Norm Macdonald - Norm the Genie
  • Carlos Alazraqui - Denzel Crocker/Rocko/Dingo
  • Debi Derryberry - Jimmy Neutron
  • Jeffrey Garcia - Sheen Estevez
  • Frank Welker - Goddard/Poultra
  • Rob Paulsen - Nicolai Technus/Carl Wheezer/Doppy Dopweiler/Traloc
  • Wendie Malick - Beautiful Gorgeous
  • Bob Joles - Mr. Nesmith
  • Tim Curry - Prof. Calamitous/Nigel Thornberry
  • Jim Cummings - Ultralord/Cat
  • Crystal Scales - Libby Folfax
  • David Kaufman - Danny Phantom
  • Grey DeLisle - Samantha 'Sam' Manson
  • Colleen O'Shaughnessey - Jasmine 'Jazz' Fenton
  • Rickey D'Shon Collins - Tucker Foley
  • S. Scott Bullock - Dash Baxter/Ghost Dog
  • Rob Paulsen - The Box Ghost/Jack Fenton
  • Martin Mull - Vlad
  • James Arnold Taylor - Walker
  • Richard Steven Horvitz - Invader Zim
  • Rosearik Rikki Simons - GIR
  • Andy Berman - Dib
  • Melissa Fahn - Gaz
  • Candi Milo - Ms. Bitters
  • Jim Krenn - The Flesh
  • Nick Bakay - Norbert Foster Beaver
  • Billy West - Stimpy J. Cat/Ren Höek/Dong/The Gilded Yak/Mr. Horse
  • Constance Shulman - Patti
  • Fred Newman - Porkchop/Skeeter
  • Corey Burton - Powdered Toast Man
  • Noah Segan - Henry
  • Julia McIlvaine - June
  • Shayna Fox - Reggie Rocket
  • Joseph Ashton - Otto Rocket
  • Ulises Cuadra - Twister Rodriguez
  • Gary LeRoi Gray - Sam Dullard
  • David Eccles - Krumm
  • Gregg Berger - The Gromble
  • Ellen Ray Hennessy - Gram-Gram
  • Robert Tinkler - Pelswick Eggert
  • Jerry Trainor - Dudley Puppy
  • Grey DeLisle - Kitty Katswell
  • Melissa Disney - Ginger Foutley
  • Liz Georges - Courtney Gripling
  • Tom McGrath - Skipper
  • James Patrick Stuart - Private
  • John DiMaggio - Rico
  • Danny Jacobs - King Julien XIII
  • Kevin Michael Richardson - Maurice
  • Andy Richter - Mort
  • Nicole Sullivan - Marlene
  • Spencer Klein - Arnold
  • Francesca Smith - Helga Pataki
  • E.G. Daily - Tommy Pickles
  • Cheryl Chase - Angelica Pickles
  • Cree Summer - Susie
  • Kath Soucie - Phil and Lil DeVille
  • Hynden Walch - Penny Sanchez
  • Candi Milo - Snap
  • Alanna Ubach - El Tigre
  • Grey DeLisle - Frida Suárez
  • Lynsey Bartilson - Tuesday X
  • S. Scott Bullock - King Goobot/Elvis Ooblar
  • Paul Greenberg - Ooblar
  • Tim Dadabo - Fanboy
  • Nika Futterman - Chum Chum
  • Jamie Kennedy - Kyle Bloodworth-Thomason
  • Lacey Chabert - Eliza Thornberry
  • Flea - Donnie Thornberry
  • Tom Kane - Darwin Thornberry
  • Danielle Harris - Debbie Thornberry
  • Ben Helms - Aang
  • Mae Whitman - Katara
  • Jessie Flower - Toph
  • Dante Basco - Zuko
  • Chris Hardwick - Otis the Cow
  • Jeff Garcia - Pip the Mouse
  • Universal Studios Employee - Nicktoon Studios Attendant

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