• Mr. Forgetful (from Mr Men) as A
  • Homsar (from Homestar Runner) as B
  • Pingo (from Pingu) as C
  • Plankton (from SpongeBob) as D
  • BJ (from Barney) as E
  • Jingle (from Rankin Bass) as F
  • Mr. Uppity (from Mr Men) as G
  • Mr. Grumble (from Mr Men) as H
  • Mr. Funny (from Mr Men) as I
  • Little Miss Bossy (from Mr Men) as J
  • Strong Mad (from Homestar Runner) as K
  • Elmo (from Sesame Street) as L
  • Bugs Bunny (from Looney Tunes) as M
  • Iago (from Aladdin) as N
  • Zero (from Numberjacks) as O
  • Five/Little Sandy (from Numtums) as P
  • Princess Atta (from A Bug's Life) as Q
  • Sylvia (from Wander Over Yonder) as R
  • Judy Hopps (from Zootopia) as S
  • Duke (from Thomas and Friends) as T
  • Nickel (from Inanimate Insanity) as U
  • Scorpion (from Mortal Kombat) as V
  • George Pig (from Peppa Pig) as W
  • Larry-Boy (from VeggieTales) as X
  • Anna (from Frozen) as Y
  • Patrick (from SpongeBob) as Z

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