frankie as spongebob squarepants

jason as patrick star

wicket as timmy turner

aladdin (aladdin) as tak

bear as jimmy neutron

hercules (hercules) as danny phantom

scarecrow (wizard of oz) as GIR

jenny as herself

the cowardly lion (wizard of oz) as zim

mr mosby (suite life of zack and cody) as mr blik

frangkar (a ancestor of frankie i made up) as spongegar

ultimate hercules (hercules) as dark danny

wickalong ( a ancestor of wicket i made up) as cowboy wicket

chicken suit aladdin as chicken suit tak

agent bear as agent jimmy

plant-megera as plant-sam

megera (hercules) as sam

robot frankie as spongebot

robot wicket as timmybot

robot aladdin as takbot

robot bear as jimmybot

robot hercules as dannybot

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