Nicolae Danrigakopf

Nicolae Danrigakopf, more commonly known as Sky King Vol'star XII by the Avens of Arade, is a 24 year-old summoner of flying creatures out of Bucharest, Romania. He was originally a human at birth, but it was later revealed he was maturing into an Aven. This first recorded incident appeared when after his first victory at the Academy of Magic's dueling arena, against his later long-time ally Cassy Tomb, when dark blue feathers appeared on his hand. He is a tall youth, nearly 6'1", covered in dark blue feathers with same colored wings, except the insides are a heavenly white, showing that he is of Aradian origin. How he learned how to summon is unknown at this time.


Born in a small village on the outskirts of Bucharest during the Communist period, Nicolae eventually learned the trade of blacksmithing from his father, Artemis Danrigakopf. He has shown a close affinity with metals since then. He was also somewhat awkward, born with the speech impediment AS, full name being Asperger's Syndrome, which is classified as a mild form of autism. He did, however, fall in love with a girl from Bucharest named Irene, who he left behind when he left for the Academy. When he was 14, Artemis Danrigakopf was shot dead by soldiers of the Romanian Communist Party, lead by Ceasceau. He was left to forge for his mother and younger brother Damien. He also has a cousin named Natilie Danrigakopf, a cat summoner from England, also attending the Academy.

Academy History

Early Days

Nicolae merely kept to himself, meeting only a few people on his first day, among them being Arcus Acer and Eritta Wilacoth**, then Eritta Domain. He then met Cassy Tomb a few days later, and was immediately spellbound by her beauty. Sadly, he was falling right into her femme fatale-esque ways at the time. However, she grew to trust Nicolae after he defeated her in a duel. Unfortunately, this is his only recorded victory to date.

Nicolae's first major act was organizing a trip to Romania with Dorman Anor, Cassy, and Mastermind, a construct who had joined the Academy a few days before, after learning of how Kelly Reina had lost an arm in attack by Abel Getragen. He managed to supply a Mastermind with the materials needed to form an automail arm, but Mastermind, in the words of An'rok, his Avenic guardian spirit, "went and swanned about, taking all the credit." However, he did learn something tragic: Irene, his lover, had died due to complications of her disease, a disease that weakened her heart considerably. According to the blacksmith that spoke with Nicolae and his group, "The thought of Nicolae leaving her in such a manner was too much on her." Nicolae is still saddened by the loss of probably the one girl who truly loved him.

Abel Arc

When Abel's attacks grew more and more frequent, Nicolae decided to take action. However, the main team that was considering a counter-attack at the time, headed by Selendrile Alys, dismissed him as being to inexperienced. Offended and saddened, Nicolae stormed out, planning to return to Romania, when Sehl offered him a chance to train. While he did manage to control white mana (he was currently blue/red at the time), it did not quench his desire to act against Abel.

A foolish and almost fatal mistake.

When he called a meeting with his fellow students to do something, he was assailed by Lowe with a Consume Spirit. Nicolae, now weakened and saddened even more by this turn of events, fell into a coma that lasted about three weeks. However, upon his awakening, a Sage Owl appeared with a riddle, now chronicled by the Veldalken summoner Neko, that led him to his destiny as Sky King of Arade, a secret that had been kept from him since birth.

Accompanied by Dorman, Arcus, Cassy, Draiken Talkos, and Zane Fleia, a Nezumi zombie summoner, he traveled to Arade to recieve the first level of his kingship. However, he recieved a hostile greeting from the Aradian Orochi in the area, who had been locked in an undeclared civil war with the Avens on the same continent. While he did manage to recieve his kingship, it seems increasingly likely that all of Shakarak, the Aradian continent where the Orochi and Avens live, could possibly get embroiled in civil war. On a side note, a rather steamy incident between him and Cassy sealed the deal on their relationship, at least for the moment.

Illusion Arc

Nicolae was killed during the attack on the Academy, and was later resurrected by the Keepers, but now no longer had access to Arade via the interplanar link he recieved at the start of his journey. He was attacked by an illusion under the guise of Cassy. It seemed like they were going to be a match made in heaven, but later learned that Cassy had left him for another, Cassy's former love and Nicolae's friend Dorman. It was hard on both, but it's hard to tell who was hurt most because of it.

Nicolae, unable to try to quell the fighting in Arade, decided to postpone such until he regained access to Arade. He worked alongside Arcus, Dorman, Firbaelvan, Reinard Toma and 'Los to create a portal. Upon succeeding, he learned that Arcanis, due to a lack of mana, was falling apart. He tried to stay and help Arrathir, the Keeper of Black Mana, to fuel the portal with rapidly dissipating mana before Kelly Reina pulled him through the portal. This particular incident hit Nicolae hard.

However, love carries on. In this particular time, he was lovestruck by an enchanting former harem girl named Sara. Nicolae worked to help Sara tolerate him, and the two fell in love.

The Wedding of Destiny

Nicolae eventually proposed to Sara, who was apprehensive at first, but eventually said yes. Knowing he had someone to come back to, Nicolae left for Arade and went on a five-week training/diplomacy binge, trying to restore a degree of order in Arade, which worked. When he came back, the Danrigakopf family became tasked with setting up for the wedding.

A week later, during the ceremony itself, Sara's master came back. A quick battle ensued, and Sara was taken from him. Nicolae pursued, backed by 200 Aradian elite infantrymen known as the Talmeto Corps, and five battalions of Karnelian infantry, as supplied by Kar Soban, his good friend. Nicolae left to go find Sara, which he did. A duel between the two ensued, and Nicolae managed to escape with Sara, while Kar killed the master.

Three days later, Nicolae suffered a stroke that left him mute. However, Nicolae and Sara continued on to be married.

OOC Nicolae

Nicolae Danrigakopf OOC shares some similarities with the IC form, among them being a fanatic about writing, fanfics and original pieces alike, card games (YGO and M:TG neck and neck at the top of his list), anime (favorites being Naruto, Zatch Bell!, and Yu-Gi-Oh! GX), and combatting AS.


  • An'rok is based slightly off of Hikaru's Go-obsessed spirit Fujiwara no Sai in Hikaru no Go.
  • Nicolae may not show the symptoms of AS, but that was because he underwent therapy for a time in Romania. Nobody knows except Cassy, whom he told while in Arade.
  • Nicolae is famous for creating anime-based cards (see Anime: The Gathering). He is also good at adapting Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. His favorite cards of that particular sets are the Archfiends and the Agents of Power (Saturn, Venus, Mars, and Mercury.)
  • Nicolae is also known for using the Bay Falcon Aerial Stunt Squad, a team of five Bay Falcons that do aerial tricks while he is singing Karaoke.
  • Nicolae has an ace in the hole which he recently obtained: A ritual spell meant for calling the Silver Seraph.

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