"bury me in the Dwarrow-lands, 'neath the pure white snow." ~Alvain poet Bernard Alfons

Nidavellir is a country in the northern hemisphere.At 6,462,233 kilometers squared it is the largest country, by 6,302 square kilometers, and extends from the Vestri and Orient oceans. Below Nidavellir is Vanaheim and to the north is Vindae's Arctic Circle.

Nidavellir has traditionally been the home of the Dwarrow and their kin, though from priori primum to halfway through the first age there where Trow. Most of the Trow were pushed west during this time, in fact Dwarvholme was created because the Dwarrow needed a permanent settlement. The founding of it turned the tide in the Velliri Civil War.

As previously mentioned the Trow and the Dwarrow experienced some enmity early in the first Age, but by the end of the second age they ended their struggles and Trow have returned to Nidavellir. The two races now retain one of the most succesful relationships. The country is ruled by a single leader, often the child or relative of the previous ruler.


The name Nidavellir comes from the words Nide and velliri meaning Dark Valley. This comes from the Dwarrow practice of cutting deep trenches into the ground for their homes.


The main race of Nidavellir is of course the Dwarrow, though they are actually slightly outnumbered by the other races. They make up roughly forty seven percent of Nidavellir's population, and they run the seat of power in the country, Dwarvholme. Trow are the second most populous group, comrising twenty two percent of the population. Many Hume remained in the country after the end of the Vanir-Velliri war. A few Alvain have moved into the country, near the south-eastern coast, though on the western coast there are numerous Svartalf towns. There is also at least one Nephilim run city.

Geography and Climate

Nidavellir takes up the majority of Middengard's northern hemisphere, bordered on the east by the Orient Ocean and the West by the Vestri ocean, to the south is Vanaheim.


the Northern reaches of the country are dominated by the Nidafell mountains. Throughout the mountains is a cave system with it's own ecosystem seperated from the upper world by it's reliance on geothermal energy. Large chemoautotrophic plants grow along the cielings and give of light to attract bats and insects to pollinate them. To the south the land is covered in a vast taiga, known as Hodmimmir's Wood.

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