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Palatinate, 4 December 1621

  • The night of Tuesday, 30 November, 700 soldiers with some artillery pieces and a petard moved from Udenheim to Grumbach, and drove off one of Mansfeld’s colonels who had thought to take the place, killing 100 soldiers and capturing 7 officers.
  • Imperial troops on Sunday brought into Udenheim 136 horses captured from Mansfeld’s forces, which have taken Deidesheim, Kirrweiler, Lauterberg, and surrounding places; Don Gonzalo de Cordoba*, imperial general, has crossed the Rhine at Stein to pursue Mansfeld.
  • Lord Tilly*, General of the Bavarian Army, has taken and garrisoned Mosbach, Eberbach, Nieschhoren (Hirschhorn?)*, Neckarelz, Necker Solms*, Neckarsteinach, Schönau Wimersbach, and other places. Today to cross the Rhine at Neckarhausen with 11 companies of horse to reinforce Don Gonzalo de Cordoba’s forces.

Hesse, 4 December 1621

  • The night of Thursday, 2 December, between 10 and 11 o’clock, Prince Christian of Brunswick scaled and took the fort and town of Amoeneburg, belonging to the Elector of Mainz*, notwithstanding on-going parley with the Elector’s officers to be provided with lodgings, and wagons for his baggage-train.
  • On 3 December the inhabitants of Amoeneburg did homage to Brunswick, and the Count of Styrum has been installed as governor; but Count of Anholt* drawing closer with a mighty army to prevent further harm and deliver such places.

Prague, 25 November 1621

  • The city of Tabor, upon receipt of pardon, surrendered on 18 November. The garrison, 2 companies of foot, given two months’ back pay by the town and allowed to leave with full military honours. Garrison is now three companies of our troops. Departing garrison gie 18 days to consider joining imperial army or being convoyed to the frontier.
  • Exact articles of surrender unknown, only that the citizenry have agreed to pay a certain sum to avoid plundering.
  • Wittingau* and Klingenberg* still resisting.
  • Troops being put into garrison in surrounding places.
  • Letter from Breslau, 21 November, that the States of Silesia have replied to the imperial proposition as follows: 1. they are content to provide Emperor with 400,000 Reichsthaler on certain terms; 2. will provide 60,000 Reichsthaler annually for six years for the security of the Hungarian frontier; 3. consent to make over 6 Groschen on the beer duty to Emperor without rebate for 10 years; 4. will provide what soldiers they can. Peace with the Emperor has been proclaimed throughout the land.

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censor’s intitials: V.C.D.W.A. (Vidit Cornelis De Witte antuerpiensis)

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