Nieuwe Tijdinghe van Shertogenbossche. Met noch Tijdinghe uut Vlaenderen, ende Duynkercken. Met Tijdinghe wt s’Graven-Haghe in Hollandt.

(New Tidings from 's-Hertogenbosch. With further Tidings from Flanders, and Dunkirk. With Tidings from The Hague in Holland.)

Printed Antwerp: Abraham Verhoeven, 16 March 1622.

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's-Hertogenbosch, 7 March 1622.

  • Daring action of soldiers from the garrison of 's-Hertogenbosch*. A number of them, in disguise as sledge hauliers, lured 55 Dutch soldiers of the garrison out of Fort Crevecoeur*, into an ambush by 100 soldiers from 's-Hertogenbosch.
  • Talk of 400 men going to breach the dikes at Tierlen-Wiert, for failure to pay contribution*, as the Dutch have done at Sluis* and Aardenburg*.

Dunkirk, 6 March 1622.

  • Many adventurers arrive daily. A mere sloop brought in a merchantman laden with grain, valued at 30,000 guilders. The men get four-fifths of the prize money.
  • Talk of Prince Maurice* being at Cadzand*, for reason unknown.

The Hague, 4 March 1622.

  • Collection of 500th Penny and granted subsidy will lead to disturbances. In some places inhabitants have already demonstrated in numbers at the town hall.
  • The common people wasting away, trade and manufactures at a standstill.
  • Arminians* being allowed to return to public service, and to hold services unmolested. Perhaps wish that Oldenbarnevelt was still alive.
  • Thomas Viller*, and other captains of Jülich*, have satisfied His Excellency but have still to satisfy the States General.*

Cologne, undated (1622)

  • Count of Stirum's* cavalry intending to surprise the Count of Anholt's* forces at Attendor, but at village of Brielen they themselves surprised by Anholt's Croats*; hundreds killed, many horses and much booty taken, severl officers captured, including Stirum's Lieutenant Colonel. Christian of Brunswick* is sending the booty looted from churches to Lippstadt* for safekeeping.

Venice, February 1622.

  • The Governor of Milan* has sent Don Melchior de Bracamonte* to Spain with the articles agreed with the Grisons, even though they had already been sent by Don Vives. Contents will only be known when they are ratified by the Grisons[Grisons|*]], but those relating to the form of government of the Valtelline* have been controverted by Dr Pedrobello in Spain, so that other lawyers have become involved in redrafting.
  • Order has come from Spain for the raising of the new regiments reported on before, with commissions for 30 new captains and the raising of light horse, to be quartered in the Grisons; victuals and munition being sent in preparation, and 18 chests of Reals sent from Spain.
  • Merchants from Genoa* and elsewhere have sent letters of exchange into High Germany for the purchasing of goods to be sold in the Duchy of Milan.
  • In Genoa a ship has arrived from Sicily carrying 600 lasts of grain, and 8,000 double Ducats have been sent to Provence to buy grain.
  • In Madrid the ambassadors of the Emperor* and of Lorraine* have arrived to negotiate the future of the Valtelline; the queen's* French ladies in waiting have been dismissed, to her great sorrow.
  • The new Empress* has been convoyed through Venetian territory at the state's expense, at a cost of over 50,000 Crowns.

end matter

censor's initials: V.C.D.W.C.A. (Vidit Cornelis De Witte canonicus antuerpiensis)*

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