Nieuwe Tijdinghe vande Oorloge in Duytslandt. Met Tijdinghe wt Praghe in Bohemen.

(New Tidings of the War in Germany. With Tidings from Prague in Bohemia)

Printed Antwerp: Abraham Verhoeven, 14 July 1623.

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Vienna, June 1623

  • Lord Palatin, Archbishop and other Hungarian lords arrived in Vienna, diligently attending Council, asked to sell wine and grain.
  • 6,000 Cossacks arrived in Moravia under Prince Radzivil; 20,000 more to follow; to go to Hungary, as Emperor informed that Turks and Tatars planning campaign.
  • Baronet Kurtz preparing to go to Constantinople as ambassador, gifts to take include 60,000 guilders worth of silverware.

Prague, 17 June 1623

  • 8 June the Grand Prior ordered Evangelicals in the liberty of "Our Lady on the little side" either to attend his church and become Catholics or to sell up and move out.
  • The church on the "Berchwerck" three miles from here, where the Evangelicals had been going in large numbers, has been closed, to the annoyance of the "Berchwerkers".
  • This week recruitment of soldiers for the Emperor renewed.
  • Misbehaviour of Cossacks in Moravia indescribable. Elector of Saxony* is now in Lausnitz, receiving homage of Marquisate.

Brussels, June 1623.

  • Marriage between England and Spain thought certain; post from Spain brings letters of exchange for over 400,000 ducats, and another asiento of 3,000,000 for Italy and the Low Countries (above ordinary monthly provision) to follow; the Marquis* can begin campaigning.
  • From France news of 9 June 1623 that King* still at Fontainebleau*, Marquis of Mirabel* on his way there to request passage for Irish troops going to serve the King of Spain* in the Low Countries, forced into Le Havre* by bad weather.

Amsterdam, 28 June 1623

  • Currently 8 ships with French soldiers passed here to Mansfeld*, bringing his French reinforcements to 4,000; 2,000 more have arrived in Dordrecht; in Zeeland there are some Officers and more troop are expected from England, and today 4,000 muskets were brought here from Utrecht, to be shipped to Mansfeld.
  • Châtillon*, famous French soldier, to command.
  • Count Enno* of East Frisia and his son have entered Emden*, and been received by the citizenry despite the opposition of the Council.
  • Drums struck up to recruit for States General under command of the Young Landgrave of Hesse.

Seville, 6 June 1623.

  • Fleet of Tierra Firma* arrived in San Lucar* on 2 and 5 June, praise God, with 8,000,000 silver pieces of eight Reals.
  • The Dutch fleet*, much feared and sighted near Lisbon, failed to capture the Silver Fleet: one ship sunk by storm; ten Turkish ships of Rovers allied to Dutch and four galleons of the fleet did attack, but four captured and the rest driven off. Little expectation they will capture Peru.

Amsterdam, 1 July 1623.

  • Dissatisfaction at extraordinary levies as income of many no longer matches former assessments. Much noise made about 9,000 French reinforcements. Where once 1,000 ships put in in a month there have now been barely 50.

end matter

censor's initials: V.C.D.W.C.A. (Vidit Cornelis De Witte canonicus antuerpiensis)*


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