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Nigel's Pennsylvania Adventures is a Codename: Kids Next Door/Noddy's Toyland Adventures Parody Series.


  • Nigel Uno as Noddy (Nigel)
  • Monty Uno as Big Ears
  • Wallabee Beatles as Bumpy Dog (Wallabee Dog)
  • Rachel T. MacKenzie as Tessie Bear (Rachel Bear)
  • Joe Balooka as Mr. Tubby Bear (Joe Tubby Bear)
  • Henrietta Von Marzipan as Mrs. Tubby Bear (Henrietta Von Tubby Bear)
  • The Kid as Master Tubby Bear (Ace Tubby Bear)
  • Patton Drilovsky as Mr. Plod (Patton Plod)
  • Hoagie P. Gilligan Jr. as Mr. Milko (Hoagie Milko)
  • Kuki Sanban as Sally Skittle (Kuki Skittle)
  • Herbert as Mr. Wobbly Man (Herbert Wobbly Man)
  • Vin Moosk as Mr. Jumbo (Vin Jumbo)
  • Wallabee Beatles as Clockwork Mouse (Wallabee Mouse)
  • Wilson Woodrow as Bert Monkey (Wilson Monkey)
  • Cree Lincoln as Martha Monkey (Cree Monkey)
  • Abigail Lincoln as Dinah Doll (Abigail Doll)
  • Fanny Fulbright as Miss Pink Cat (Fanny Pink Cat)
  • Trevor as Mr. Sparks (Trevor Sparks)
  • Stickybeard as Sammy Sailor (Stickybeard Sailor)
  • Numbuh 1-love as Mr. Train Driver 
  • Numbuh 64 as Bunky 
  • Lee as Mr. Noah (Lee Noah)
  • Sonya as Mrs. Noah (Sonya Noah)
  • Sidney as Mr. Straw (Sidney Straw)
  • Jessica as Mrs. Straw (Jessica Straw)
  • Santa Claus as Father Christmas
  • Chad Dickson as Sly
  • Heinrich Von Marzipan as Gobbo
  • Bertie (From TTTE) as Noddy's Car


  • Nigel Loses Sixpence
  • Nigel and The Child Villains
  • Nigel and The Naughty Tail
  • Nigel and The Pouring Rain
  • Nigel and The Kite
  • Nigel and His Hat
  • Nigel and Cree Lincoln
  • Nigel's New Friend
  • Nigel and The MilkChild
  • Nigel Delivers Some Boxes
  • Nigel and The Special Key
  • Nigel Gets A New Job
  • Nigel and The Broken Bicycle
  • Nigel and The Missing Hats
  • Nigel and The Useful Rope
  • Nigel Loses His Hat
  • Nigel Cheers Up Monty
  • Nigel Goes Shopping
  • Nigel Borrows An Umbrella
  • Nigel Meets Some Ice Cream Men
  • Nigel Lends A Hand
  • Nigel Finds A Furry Tail
  • Nigel Sets A Trap
  • Nigel To The Rescue
  • Nigel Has A Bad Day
  • Nigel and The Fishing Rod
  • Nigel and The Magic Night
  • Nigel The Champion
  • Nigel and The Warm Scarf
  • Nigel and The Golden Tree
  • Nigel and His Unhappy B.U.S
  • Nigel Has An Afternoon Off
  • Nigel The Magician
  • Nigel and His Money
  • Nigel Borrows Some Pants
  • Nigel and His Alarm Clock
  • Nigel Buys A Parasol
  • Nigel Tastes Some Cakes
  • Nigel The Dancer
  • Nigel and Santa Claus
  • Nigel and the Driving Lesson
  • Nigel and the Bouncing Ball
  • Nigel Tidies Pennsylyvania 
  • Nigel and the Child Villians (Second)
  • Nigel and the Magic Watch
  • Nigel Gets Caught in a Storm
  • Nigel and the Noisy Drum
  • Nigel is Far Too Busy
  • Nigel and the Singing Bush
  • Nigel and the Artists
  • Nigel Tells a Story
  • Nigel and the Nurse
  • Nigel and the Treasure Map

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