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PLEAS DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE!!!!!! These are the tryout lines for my new animated series Nightmare the Series, about The Nightmare Before Christmas "before" story: what happend when they were kids. Have fun! ~ Bri LEARN MORE HERE:



1.) How dare you push her around like that! She is one of us and her place is here!

     2.) I.. do miss Mom... but I can always talk to her, her star is over there next to the moon.


1.) *crying* NO! You can't die! Don't leave me like this!!


1.) *serious voice* The sooner Jack is destroyed the better. And as for you, you said you would make my life better, but ever since you came, my life is getting worse.

       2.) Hey ladies!
       3.) *erigant voice* No, I have a date tonight... heh again. 


1.)Hey sweetz! how about some help with my homework?


1.)*evil voice* Let the darkness consume you!

      2.) Now, let me give you a recap.


1.) You wanna play a real game? Get out your dice and cards!!

       2.) ehh... you aint worth my time anyway. 


1.) *desprate* I just knew you would come back for me! I am not a faild experament!

               2.) Please, if I may stay, not in the cold dark room again...

King James:

1.)*sad* If he was taken by tha darkness he is as good as dead.

           2.)*happy* Good to meet you!


1.) *chubby voice* hey Jack, I got that report you wanted.

      2.) You can just call me cole, I'm not the mayor yet...

Monster 1,2,3:

  • randome blah and things about the weather*

cheer leaders:

  • vally girl voice* 'SCREAM' IT'S JACK!!!

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