Nightspade is a long time poster on the forums. Nightspade first registered on May 5, 2005 and has posted regularly since, with only brief periods of absence. He is currently age 16, and refuses to give information regarding his age, name, and location, citing a paranoid fear of multiple organizations he claims to be looking for him. His location is simply listed as 'America! Can't we get along?' A joke on the view of America being war-like

His character is an elaborate construction of multiple villains from modern popular culture. He is a Sith Lord with a code of honor, who is bent on taking over the country of Canada, claiming that Dr. Drakken stole the idea from him. Unlike other role-players, Nightspade goes on evil rants very seldom, stating that 'only the silent shall prevail.'

Nightspade is also deeply involved in politics, and very opinionated on the matter. He has staunch Anti-Abortion, Pro-gay rights, Anti-gun control, and Anti-war stances. His concern for the world at large led him to post a series of political rants dubbed 'Nightspade's Rant', first regularly, then infrequently.


It should be noted that Nightspade was the first to name the phenomenon known as the Proboard's Crunch, naming after the now defunct 'Big Crunch theory'.

Nightspade has also played a key role in keeping peace on the boards. Generally, forum ‘trolls’ is greeted with respect and calmness from him, though he has on occasion become agitated by them. He claims that 'showing them respect and responding to them with nothing but raw reason usually drives them mad.'

Nightspade has authored one fanfiction, which he has not completed and has no plans on doing so.

The Character

Playing into his Sith Lord/Conqueror role, Nightspade as taken several apprentices of note. These include, but are not limited to, Azmodan Azure, Nyght, and BDD.

As a conqueror, Nightspade briefly served under Marmarsita, the Lemur Queen, along with Molon_UK in her Lemur Army. He has also tried on several occasions to rule Canada, but is frequently foiled.

He has a multiple hideouts, including a Star Destroyer, a bunker, and a heavily fortified fortress dubbed 'Megiddo Point.'

He has a subordinate named Minion, whom often is the cause of his failures due to his apparent dyslexia.

In keeping with his code of honor, Nightspade has never used massive force to overwhelm any opponent, and never 'cheats' to win, claiming that victory without honor is meaningless. He is, however, a known liar. He has fed several members of the board false information about his location. He is unable to harm a female. Another conflicting aspect of his morality is that he has stated on numerous occasions that he is a sadist.

However, as Nightspade continued to fail in his endeavors while others around him seemed to make progress, his mind fractured. Torn between his honor and desire for power, a new personality was born. Dubbed Sideways after the Transformers character, this new personality was prone to advanced lying and pushing the limits in his posts. Eventually this personality was repressed.

Nightspade thrives on conflict. He enjoys a good debate, and encourages discussions of sensitive issues, saying that these issues need to be discussed, not pushed aside. He encourages people to be passionate about the topics of discussion, stating that 'passion can bring out the best in arguments.'

In keeping with his political activeness, Nightspade claims to know things others don't about Vice-President Dick Cheney. Nightspade has claimed that Cheney is immortal, the embodiment of evil, Satan's Pimp, and part-robot, part-DMV.


Nightspade views Captains Kirk and Picard in good light, quoting them often. He even has a quote from Picard in the episode Drumhead has his signature. Another hero is Elim Garak of Deep Space Nine. Garak's secretive nature and skill at deception captivate his imagination.

Darth Vader is another mentionable hero, Nightspade citing the fact that Lord Vader wishes to bring peace and security to the Republic.

Other notable heroes include Optimus Prime, Batman, Chuck Norris, Mark Twain, and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


"A smart man always pretends to be not so smart around new people."

"Information is a noisy business. If you aren't careful, you can easily get lost in its maze."

"Good and evil, right and wrong- It is all simply an illusion brought on by perspective. What is good to you may seem bad to someone else. No, I'm afraid the only two real forces of the universe are Power and Responsibility."

"If you fear the loss of power, the solution is not to stop using it, but to use it wisely."

"The loud and boastful will fall long after the silent and cunning have prevailed."

"I will consume your soul."

"The best lies always have a bit of truth mixed in."

"What the funkin' waggles?!"

Real Life

The real world incarnation of Nightspade has far less of an ego, suffering from almost a total lack of self confidence. He dawns the mask of the Nightspade persona in an attempt to gain confidence.

He is 16 years old, 207 lbs, and considers himself a patriot. His political stances are identical to those of Nightspade.

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