Character name: Nikana Belevoire
Player: Mako Jenson
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 6' 1"
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green
Ethnic origin: Caucasian
Species Type: Coordinator
Other Information: Belevoire is slender and tall, and keeps herself fit. She enjoys running, and feels her greatest physical attribute is her eyes, which have green irises, with gold diamonds surrounding the pupils. Her naturally blonde hair is kept shoulder length, and she typically wears a silver jumpsuit and military boots. She keeps a knife in her right belt, and her issue pistol is kept in a holster on her left forearm. By thrusting her arm forward, its clasp will loosen, sliding it into her grasp, making it a convenient weapon.

After the first OE war, the veterans of VS had troubles getting by. Alasia Belevoire, a man made Coordinator, had taken to using narcotics during the war to help her instability, and afterwards was ejected from the military because of her habit. She lived her live as a transient, raising a daughter on the streets. Her family lived in this form of poverty, working as cons, drug dealers, whatever they could do to get by, until Nikana's birth in Mambasa, in the Vermilion Sovereignty.

Her family full of derelicts and gamblers, they soon left her behind at the age of six as she was proving to be 'too costly' for them. Her great grandmother, who had been one of the original Coordinators in the Orbital Era War between Vermilion and MIST/AoA, had died long ago, and her grandmother had taken her own life several years prior, so she was taken in by a local orphanage run by a public support group. There she received a basic education, proving to be a genius with math. Her intelligence earned her the enmity of her classmates, who made attempts to bully her. Nikana, however, ended up brutalizing several of her would-be aggressors. She learned to enjoy torture after this, and took much of her free time to beat on and harass other children, in the process learning the basics of theft.

Belevoire took to wandering the city as a teen, meeting and learning from other drifters. She spent much time with a local gang, eventually refusing to return to the orphanage at night. In the gang, she learned to fight, to pickpocket, to sneak away from the local constabulary and, of course, to run. She proved herself more than worthy of being a member of the gang, and after several years, slew the leader and took his place. Now 18, she had a moderate education, having studied independently, and had a good grip on high school level schoolwork. Her days were mostly spent looting passerby, shoplifting, aggressively pursuing other gangs and plotting to make a grand theft. She eventually received her chance; a local business was transferring the holdings in their vault to a nearby bank. Nikana and her gang tracked the car with the money, but were driven off by local law enforcement officials. Much of her gang was slaughtered in the fight, as her fellows were poorly armed for such an opponent; the police had been wary of an attempt on the money and had been doled out sub machine guns and riot gear. Her gang, armed merely with pistols and a few shotguns, had no chance, and Nikana was taken into custody.

While awaiting her sentence, she was approached by a member of the Vermilion military. Her great grandmother had been on record as one of the first set of Coordinators, which meant she might be one as well. Having experience with violence was deemed a positive thing, and she was offered a contract to join the military in exchange for her escape from a sentence. She accepted, and was placed in a research institute for several years. Her abilities were analyzed, and it was determined that she was in fact a Coordinator. She was given a two year education in military traditions, tactics, strategy, combat and some college level education in the areas of mathematics, biology and chemistry. She eagerly absorbed the information given to her, and trained hard to be better than her comrades in combat, while serving as a secretary to a General. At 22, she was given Mobile Suit Training, and at 24, was awarded her own mobile suit and put into combat service. Her last year has been spent mostly guarding convoys and in war games, and she now awaits her chance to prove herself in the battlefield.

Nikana has grown in both power and reputation among the Sovereignty pilots. She has a tendency to become bored and cause trouble, resulting in many major headaches for her CO, Commander Raiquele. Her actions at Ochre saved the military base, despite some unpleasant damage to the city. Still, that she took charge and drove off five powerful enemy units has added to her fame among her peers. Also as a result of this battle, her Coordinator powers have begun to awaken. She has taken to studying high level math, running battle simulations obsessively to learn how to spot an what angle a beam is coming in on, trying to develop that nebulous feeling she had in the Mars Raid.

Still and all, despite her success she still harbors a grudge against the military for both her imprisonment and the short leash they hold her on. That they reassigned her to a remote base after the Mars Raid- stating that she "is not trustworthy around the civilian areas"- did not improve her view of her situation. She doesn't mind staying with them for now, but someday she might change her mind. After all, Mars is all she has ever known. A girl has to broaden her horizons someday.

Affiliation: Vermilion Sovereignty
Prototype Mobile Suit: LM314V24 Victory 2 Assault Gundam

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