• Niki as Sonic
  • Parodi as Tails
  • Simone as Knuckles
  • Aurora as Sally Acorn
  • Lorenzo as Antoine
  • Laura as Bunnie Rabbot
  • Bianchi as Rotor
  • Margherita as Amy
  • Benedetta as Cream
  • Bred as Cheese
  • Roberto as Big
  • Alberto as Shadow
  • Giulia as Rouge
  • Federico as Omega
  • Focacci as Dr. Robotnik(AoStH)/Dr. Eggman
  • Luca as Scratch
  • Nicolò as Grounder
  • Morchio as Coconuts
  • Anna as Breezie
  • Christian as Snively
  • Dell' Imperio as Robotnik Jr.
  • Guglielmo as Silver
  • Lorena as Blaze
  • Beatrice as Vanilla
  • Stefano (Poggi) as Vector
  • Stefano (Morbelli) as Charmy
  • Matteo as Espio
  • Davide as Dr. Robotnik (SatAM)

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