Niki Cassulo
Biographical Information
Age 120
Birthdate Unknow
Affiliation Vampires
Physical Description
Gender Male
Species Vampire
Team Hero
Family Guglielmo Gemme (progeny)

Niki Cassulo is one important character of Nikipedia


Early history

As difficult as it is to learn concrete facts about Niki's human life, information on how he became a vampire is even more scarce. Suffice to say he was eventually "made" vampire at some point during the later years of his middle-age life, although both the circumstances surrounding this event, and the identity of his Maker are a completely unknown.

One of the few details that Niki himself , in his Alberto form, has provided of his early vampire years is that the legend of "Daywalking" existed when he himself was turned.

The "Dark and Light Curse"

At a time unknown Niki participate in the experiment of a powerful sorcerer, who promised him the ability to walk in the sun, in exchange for immortality acquaintances Niki could give. Niki has agreed to transform the sorcerer, who will become Guglielmo Gemme, into a vampire and prepare for the ritual that would make him a daywalker. However the sorcerer the minds and reveal that in addition to eternal life he also wanted the insider knowledge on how to separate the soul of a vampire and the soul of a human being in order to free themselves of their vampirism when she would find another way for immortality.

Nine Regenerates

Niki is dead...

Smudge tesla light

and "Alberto" is born.

During the ritual Niki was surrounded by a magnificent yellow light, and I start to feel that your body was changing in some way, to the surprise of William the spell was not able to separate the traits of vampires and humans Niki but in return I create two new beings one that embodies the positive aspects of the psyche of Niki and one that represents his dark side. Not knowing how to put things back in place. Guglielmo abandonment to their fate and went their own way.

For events occurring after the casting of the Lights and Dark Curse, see Riccardo Bianchi, counterpart good, Alberto M. Marchelli and Albeth, evil counterparts.


Riccardo recalled with pride his activities as Niki and constantly tried to find a way to reunite with Alberto to go back to being what it was originally.

On the other hand, Alberto, considered Niki as a distinct entity and often laughed at his faults and stupidity that led him to "death." However, this hatred stems from fear that Alberto has for Niki . Alberto has very afraid of death, but even more the prospect of returning to be Niki because it would mean "cease to exist " which he considers a fate worse than death.


Powers and abilities

Niki possessed the common powers and weaknesses of a Vampire.

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