Nikolai Matsky
Nikolai Kitano
Nikolai Matsky, with his left arm and right leg dislocated.
Physical Description
Gender Male
Height 5'2" (157.48cm)
Hair color Blonde
Eye color Brown
Race Caucasian
Blood type O
Birthday May 12th, 1951 (Taurus)
Birthplace Kamikawa, Hokkaidō, Japan
Hometown Vladivostok, Primorsky Krai, Soviet Union
Father Keiji Matsuki
Affiliation(s) KGB
Language(s) spoken
(excluding English)
Flag of Japan Japanese
Flag of Russia Russian
Name in Other Languages
Flag of Russia Russian Николаи Мацкий
Flag of Greece Greek Νικολαϊ Ματσκυ
Flag of Japan Japanese 茉月にっこう
Flag of the People's Republic of China Chinese
茉日晃 (Mò Rìhuǎng)
Flag of South Korea Korean 니콜라이 키타노
Flag of the Arab League Arabic نيكولاي ماتسكي
Flag of Israel Hebrew ניקולאי נאצקי
Flag of India Hindi निकोलाई मातसकी

Nikolai Matsky (Николаи Кэйджиевич Мацкий, Nikolai Keidzhiyevich Matskiy), born Nikkō Matsuki (茉月にっこう Matsuki Nikkō?), is an agent of the KGB. He was born in Japan to a Japanese father and a Russian mother, who ran a farm on the Japanese island of Hokkaidō. Nikolai is an extremely talented contortionist but has lived in the lower class for most of his childhood. At age 18, he enlisted in the KGB and became a spy in the Omega Order. While stationed at the Omega Order's Altair base, he fell in love with another contortionist, Elodie Duchamp.


In chapter 8 of Episode III, it is revealed that Nikolai is bisexual, having been romantically involved with Boris Rubanenko as well as Élodie. Nikolai fathered a child, Claude, with Élodie, but was unable to even see his own son. In order to keep the child hidden from Boris, Nikolai helped smuggle her out of the base on a cargo plane.


Nikolai was born with Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. Symptoms that affect Nikolai include looser, stretchier skin and ligaments. He has used these symptoms to help him in training to become the (self-appointed) "Most Flexible Man in the World". However, he is more prone to dislocations — which he has also utilized in his acts, once he learned how to control them. He has also had below-average muscle strength for most of his childhood, although this is more likely due to poverty and malnutrition. Nikolai is one of an elite few of contortionists who has successfully attempted a 360-degree split.

Nikolai's primary job in the KGB is a radio operator.


Nikolai's Japanese family name, "Matsuki", means "Jasmine month" in English. His Russian family name, "Matsky", is a near-direct transliteration of "Matsuki". His former family name, "Kitano" means "north field" in Japanese. Although his official given name is "Nikolai", he often went by the name "Nikkō" while growing up in Japan.

Chinese Name

Nikolai's Chinese given name, "Rìhuǎng", means "Clear day" in English and translates to "Nikkō" in Japanese. His family name, "Mò", uses part of the kanji from his Japanese family name, "Matsuki".

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