Nine Dog: A Tail Wagging Musical is a musical based on the Nine Dog franchise.

Plot: The Nine Dogs were excited to celebrate McGregor's birthday! They plan to throw a surprise party for him by singing songs, playing games, dancing, telling stories, jokes and doing all of McGregor's other favorite things. When a mishap forces them to stop the party, McGregor was a little bit upset that he didn't get the best gift of all yet, even though he was happy about having fun with his friends at first. But a good thing was yet to come when his friends baked the yummiest doggone cake yet and soon McGregor is thankful to have such wonderful friends. They all discover the true meaning of friendship and gifts don't have to be things that are wrapped in a box or tied with a bow. It's doggone fun for the whole family.


McGregor: Stephen Ashfield

Snowplow: Geoff Hoyle

Tank: John Lloyd Young

QT: Chantel Riley

Frenchie: Jean Vallee

Cheech: Jeff Binder

Chester: Stanley Wayne Mathis

Fetch: Tom Alan Robbins

No Name: Christian Hoff

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