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Larry: McGregor (Nine Dog Christmas)

Theodore Roosevelt: Snowplow (Nine Dog Christmas)

Nicky: Copper (The Fox and the Hound)

Cecil: Butch the Bulldog

Rebecca: QT (Nine Dog Christmas)

Gus: Cliff (CatDog)

Reginald: Lube (CatDog)

Jedediah: Tank (Nine Dog Christmas)

Octavius: Frenchie (Nine Dog Christmas)

Atilla the Hun: Cheech (Nine Dog Christmas)

Ahkmenrah: Chester (Nine Dog Christmas)

Sacagawea: Fifi the Peke

Dr. McPhee: Brian Griffin (Family Guy)

Dexter: Dog (CatDog)

Erica: Dinah the Dachshund

Christopher Colombus: Fetch (Nine Dog Christmas)

Debbie: Cleo (Clifford the Big Red Dog)

Don: No Name (Nine Dog Christmas)

Meriwether Lewis: Droopy

William Clark: Pluto

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