Nine Dog Land is one of the seven areas in Cartoon Fun World, a theme park that was located between Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm in Anaheim, California. Here are the list of attaractions:


Nine Dog Treasure Hunt: In this dark ride, join the Nine Dogs: McGregor, Snowplow, Tank. QT, Frenchie, Cheech, Chester, Fetch and No Name as they set out to find the Golden Bone that was hidden inside a cave surrounded by treasure chests in this doggone fun, wet and wild water ride!

Enchanted Doghouse: Come sing along with McGregor, Snowplow and friends in this fun and interactive audio animatronics show!

McGregor's House: Come take a peek at McGregor's home, but don't mess up his valuable and rare collectibles and items in this walk through attraction!


McGregor's Bonnieriffic Snack Shack: Enjoy snacks and refreshments here, such as potato chips, scones, crumpets and more!

Snowplow's Pie House: Enjoy traditional British pies here, such as apple pies, peach pies, cherry pies, meat pies, pecan pies, plum pies and more!

Tank's Barbeque Bonanza: Enjoy juicy barbequed meats here, such as chicken wings, buffalo wings, steak and more!

QT's Fun in the Sun Juice Bar: Smoothies and fruit juices are sold here to refresh your day at the park!

Frenchie's Foie Gras Terrace: Ooh la la! Enjoy traditional French foods here such as foie gras, pommes frittes, lyonnaise potatoes, baguettes, brioches and more, as well as French desserts like eclair and crepes.

Cheech's Casa de Tortillas: Hasta la vista! Enjoy hot and spicy Mexican dishes such as chilli con carne and traditional Mexican favorites such as burritos, tacos, enchiladas, nachos and more.

Chester's Hip Hopping Hotdogs: Yo! Come taste some sizzling and yummy hot dogs served with rocket sauce and tomato sauce that were on the house. You can eat these hotdogs in a B-Boying style!

Fetch's Golden Bone Cafe: Enjoy American favorites here, such as steak, fish, rotisserie chicken and more!

No Name's Pizza Shack: Enjoy homemade Italian snacks here such as pizzas, calzones, garlic breads, bruschette and more!


Nine Dog Bazaar: You can find many T Shirts, plush toys, hats and other doggone fun Nine Dog merchandise here at this bazaar!

Snowplow's Snack Shop: You can buy Nine Dog character shaped cookies, waffles and pancakes here, as well as Nine Dog fruit snacks which will also be sold in supermarkets. Have a howling good time!

Stage shows:

Nine Dog a Go Go: Come sing and dance along with McGregor, Snowplow and all their friends in this doggone fun musical show!


Nine Dog TV Series will be a crossover between The Mr Men Show and the Nine Dogs. So, McGregor's house is shaped like a top hat, because he belongs to Miss Magic in the series.

The Nine Dog plush character toys will be sold at the Nine Dog Bazaar.

The Nine Dogs will appear as Meet and Greet characters and you can catch them as they go for a walk throughout the park.

In each restaurant, every kids' meal serves bone burgers and bone fries, as well as character shaped nuggets. The desserts are also a part of the kids' meal. Here are the list of the desserts in each restaurant:

McGregor's Bonnie Cranachan: A dessert that combines a mixture of whipped cream, honey and fresh raspberries with toasted oatmeal. It is guaranteed to complete your bonnie good day at the park!

Snowplow's Blimey Biscuits: Scrumptious bone shaped graham crackers with a choice of chocolate, cheese and vanilla flavors.

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