Sonic as Fanboy

Tails as Chum Chum

Mario as Kyle The Conjurer

Princess Daisy as Yo

Vector as Oz

Wario as Boog

Waluigi as Lenny

Donkey Kong as Mr. Hank Muffin

Cream as Muk Muk

Rosalina as Lupe

Amy Rose as Nancy Pancy

Rouge as Marsha

Princess Peach as Cher Leader

Blaze as Francine

Diddy Kong as Duke

Espio as Michael Johnson

Silver as Cheech

Yoshi as Chris Chuggy

Captain Faclon as Dollarnator

Shadow as Sigmund the Sorcerer

Wolf as Man Arctica

Smithy as The Global Warmer

Ganondorf as Janitor Poopatine

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