• Mario (From Mario) as Ash
  • Daisy (From Mario) as Misty
  • Captain Falcon (from F-Zero) as Brock
  • Kirby (From Kirby) as Pikachu
  • Wendy O. Koopa (From Mario) as Jessie
  • Roy Koopa (From Mario) as James
  • Morton Koopa Jr. (From Mario) as Meowth
  • Peach (From Mario) as May
  • Diddy Kong (From Mario/Donkey Kong Country) as Max
  • Dixie Kong (From Mario/Donkey Kong Country) as Dawn
  • Wario (From Mario/Wario) as Gary Oak
  • Adeline (From Kirby) as Cassidy
  • King Dedede (From Kirby) as Butch
  • Meta Knight (From Kirby) as Paul
  • Link (From The Legend of Zelda) as Drew
  • Luigi (From Mario) as Tracey
  • Pikachu (From Pokemon) as Pichu
  • Ness (From EarthBound) as Will
  • Lucas (From EarthBound) as Lucian

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