Mario as Chanticleer

Princess Peach as Goldie

Mewtwo as Pinky

Bowser as the Grand Duke of Owls

Shy-Guy as Hunch

Koopa Troopas are Owls

Young Link as Edmond(human)

Pikachu as Edmond(Kitty)

Yoshi as Patou the Dog

Luigi as Snipes the Bird

Toaster (from Brave Little Toaster) as Peeper the Mouse

Toad as Stuey the Pig

Charizard as Edmond's Dad

Chansey as Edmond's Mom

Radio (from Brave Little Toaster) as Scott

Lampy (from Brave Little Toaster) as Mark

Mew as Murray

4 Oddishes are 4 Chicks

3 Bellossoms are 3 Chickens

Vileplume as Fat Chiken

Wario as Chanticleer's Rival

Jigglypuff as Bunny

Blanky as Mouse

Goombas are Pinky's Guards

Squirtle as Squirrel who played Banjo

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