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  • Tails as Olie
  • Cream as Zowie
  • Piplup as Spot
  • Knuckles as Pappy
  • Amy as Olie's Mom
  • Sonic as Olie's Dad
  • Rouge as Polie Anna
  • Charmy as Billy
  • Bowser as Screwy
  • Link as Wheelie
  • Ganondorf as Gloomius Maximus
  • Shadow as Uncle Gizmo
  • Zelda as Pollie Pi
  • Kirby as Coochie
  • Keeby as Coo
  • Birdo as Dicey
  • Vector as Baxter
  • Vanilla as Bonita
  • Wario as Little Green Dad
  • Mario as Little Green Olie
  • Ash as Klasky Klause
  • Sonic Jr. as Young Dad
  • Baby Luigi as Young Gizmo
  • Giovanni and Persian as The Jollies

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