Ninthian is the controlling tribe of the nation of Itinerate Tree Dweller. The Ninthian tribe, or 9th tribe, was expelled from the ancient republic nearly 2 millenia ago, but has had several sucessful attempts at regaining control of the nation of Itinerate Tree Dweller. The most recent of these attempts, and the only truly sucessfull of them, was the conquest of Itinerate Tree Dweller by Emperor Lazarus Kersk, a descendant of The Great Xerik, the original leader of the Ninthian tribe who led the nation until his assasination.

The standard languages of the tribe are German, Latin, English and Ninthok.

itdtemplateimageob2.jpg The Empire of Itinerate Tree Dweller

Main article: Itinerate Tree Dweller

Individuals: Daniel Reck, Emperor Erik Kersk, Emperor Lazarus Kersk, Empress Persephone Kersk, James Riker, Rickter Scott

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