1. Hot Air (Hot Air) as Thomas
  2. Astrounaut (Space Hopper) as Edward
  3. Rusty (Rustyard) as Henry
  4. Uncle Rico (Super Treadmill) as Gordon
  5. Venus Fly Trap (Feed Me) as James
  6. Chiseller (Chisel) as Percy
  7. Kapowski (Glassworks) as Toby
  8. Dirk Valentine (Dirk Valentine) as Duck
  9. Yellow Soldier (Bullethead) as Donald
  10. Red Soldier (Bullethead) as Douglas
  11. Hazmat Hero (Toxic) as Oliver
  12. Swindler (Swindler) as Devious Diesel
  13. Yin (Yin-Yang) as Bill
  14. Yang (Yin-Yang) as Ben
  15. Warlock (Mirror Image) as BoCo
  16. Princess Nectarine (Knight Trap) as Daisy
  17. Left Eye (Colourblind) as Mavis
  18. Green Troll (Square Meal) as Stepney
  19. Hot Air's Wife (Hot Air) as Emily
  20. Cable Car (Skywire) as Bertie
  21. Turner (Enemy 585) as Salty
  22. Chimp (Super Stock-Take) as Harvey
  23. Angry Heads (Knuckleheads) as Iron 'Arry & Iron Bert
  24. Hedgehog (Roly Poly) as Fergus
  25. Some Characters (Nitrome) as Skarloey Railway
    • Cat (Fat Cat) as Skarloey
    • Owl (Fat Cat) as Rheneas
    • Tribesman (Onekey) as Sir Handel
    • Bomba (Bomba) as Peter Sam
    • Moon (Cheese Dreams) as Rusty
    • Big Hat Pirate (Mutiny) as Duncan
    • Wizard (Magic Touch) as Duke
    • Yeti (Cold Storage) as Freddie
    • Cactus Men (Off the Rails) as Mighty Mac
  26. Slayer (Sky Serpents) as Arthur
  27. Nebula (Nebula) as Lady
  28. Baron Von Blimp (Hot Air) as Diesel 10
  29. Ducks (Flightless) as Splatter & Dodge
  30. Nitrome Boss (NMD) as Sir Topham Hatt

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