No deposit no return
No Deposit, No Return is a 1976 Children's Slapstick Car Chase Comedy Film Farce directed by Norman Tokar. It was written by Don Nelson, Arthur Alsberg, Michael Jeter, John Hughes, Joe McEveety, Tim Conway and Don Knotts. It is the story of Laurel and Hardy and The Three Stooges who hold themselves in Hilariously Wacky random situations and needed themselves for ransom, reluctantly aided by clumsy safecrackers and sidekicks (Duke, Bert, Sam, Joe, Jack and Max). It's been called one of the funniest Comedies of all time by the New York Post. It won all 6 Academy Awards including Best Assistant Director, Best Comedy. In 2000, it was on the list of AFI's 100 Years...100 Laughs as one of America's funniest Movies. The Movie is popular thanks to a number of Hilarious scenes including the Harold Lloyd Antics on the Skunk scene, Booby Traps including the hanging upside traps and the longest, maddest, wildest and zaniest climatic Car Chase filled with lots of Broad Slapstick Comedy and Madcap Crashes with a giant swarm of Police Cars, Trucks and Buses chasing two Cars in Los Angeles, San Francisco and ends at the Harbor including the Ford Model T and a Volkswagen Convertible. It has a largest homage of Chase Comedies including Keystone Kops, The Three Stooges, The Marx Brothers, Laurel and Hardy, Abbott and Costello, The Bank Dick, It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World, Hal Roach and Mack Sennett. It influences many great Comedy writers to this day including Rene Astle, Jack Black and many more. No Deposit, No Return would become Jeter's Favourite Comedy he ever wrote with Hughes, Conway, McEveety, Nelson, Alsberg and Knotts. The Slapstick Car Chase is the spoof of Dramatic Chases from Bullitt, The French Connection, The Fast and the Furious, Thunder Road, Duel, The Master Touch and The Seven-Ups.


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