No More Mr. Nice Pony! is the twenty-fifth episode of the seventeenth season of Spike the Dragon and Friends, and the four hundred and thirteenth episode overall. It is a parody of the Thomas and Friends episode, No More Mr. Nice Pony!.


  • Spike as Thomas
  • Shining Armor as Edward
  • Mr. Waddle as Hiro
  • Discord as Diesel
  • Changelings as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Hoity Toity as Sir Topham Hatt
  • Pinkie Pie as Rosie (cameo)
  • Mr. Cake as Connor (cameo)
  • Apple Bloom as Annie (cameo)
  • Sweetie Bell as Clarabel (cameo)
  • Gustave Le Grand as Cranky (cameo)


Narrator: "Mr. Waddle is one of the strongest ponies in Ponyville, but he's also very polite and kind."

Mr. Waddle: "After you, Spike. Look's like you need a shower."

Spike: "Thank you, Mr. Waddle."

Narrator: "One morning, Discord was arranging some changelings in the yard."

Changelings: (Giggle)

Discord: "Now get in line, you silly changelings, and stay still."

Narrator: "Shining Armor had delivered changelings with milk, butter and cheese for Mr. Waddle to collect."

Discord: "Right. Now it's your turn."

Shining Armor: "Stop biffing the changelings, Discord! You're spilling the milk!"

Discord: "It's the only way to get these changelings to do what you want, Shining Armor."

Changelings: "Ow! Ouch!"

Discord: "So mind your own business!"

Shining Armor: "Oh."

Narrator: "A little later, Mr. Waddle arrived."

Mr. Waddle: "Good morning, Discord. Good morning, changelings."

Changelings: (Giggle)

Discord: "Oh, Mr. Waddle. Don't be such a Mr. Nice Pony. These changelings are nothing but troublesome, and you need to show them who's boss."

Changelings: "Ooh! Ow!"

Mr. Waddle: "No, Discord. These changelings are no trouble. I am master of the town."

Narrator: "Mr. Waddle collected the changelings and puffed away, but he didn't know that Discord had already spilled the milk.

It wasn't long before the changelings started to become troublesome."

Changelings: (Giggling) "Biff, bash, biff, bash!"

Mr. Waddle: (Chuckles) "You can try and be troublesome little changelings, but I am master of the town."

Narrator: "The changelings made Mr. Waddle bump and judder, but he just kept puffing, all the way to the town hall, where Hoity Toity was waiting for him."

Hoity Toity: "At last, the supplies for the cafeteria."

Narrator: "The men worked to unload bread and butter and cheese."

Hoity Toity: "Let's not forget the milk."

Narrator: "But when Hoity Toity went to the changeling with the milk, the milk poured out."

Hoity Toity: "Oh no! My trousers!"

Mr. Waddle: "Oh, sir. I'm so sorry, sir. I-I-I don't know what happened, but the changelings have been very troublesome today."

Hoity Toity: "I hope you will be more careful on your next job, Mr. Waddle."

Mr. Waddle: "Yes, sir. I will, sir."

Hoity Toity: "And it looks like my next job will be to get my trousers cleaned."

Narrator: "Mr. Waddle felt very bad about what had happened to Hoity Toity's trousers.

Later, as Mr. Waddle was picking up more cream and butter at the docks, he saw Discord again."

Discord: "What's the matter, Mr. Waddle?"

Mr. Waddle: "Oh, Discord, when I was delivering changelings this morning, Hoity Toity went to the changeling with the milk, and milk spilled out all over his trousers. I feel so ashamed."

Discord: "See? I told you changelings were trouble! You should have shown them who's boss and given them a biff."

Mr. Waddle: "No, Discord. Biffing the changelings is never the right way. It is always best to be polite and kind."

Narrator: "Mr. Waddle was hooked up to the changelings, but Discord was cross. He thought Mr. Waddle should listen to him."

Discord: "One day he'll learn."

Narrator: "Then Discord have a very naught idea. Instead of adding a cart to Mr. Waddle's line, he was hooked up to the end of the line of changelings.

Mr. Waddle puffed away pulling the changelings and Discord with him.

Mr. Waddle's changelings were biffing and bashing as he went."

Changelings: (Giggling) "Biff, bash! Biff, bash!"

Narrator: "Mr. Waddle was still polite and gentle, but he hadn't noticed that Discord had been hooked to his line."

Discord: "I'll show Mr. Waddle what changelings can do!"

Narrator: "The next time Mr. Waddle puffed up the hill, Discord braked to help the changelings so slowly."

Changelings: "Hold back! Hold back!"

Narrator: "Mr. Waddle is a very strong pony, but Discord is strong too, and Mr. Waddle had to puff very hard to get to the top of the hill.

When they came down the other side, Discord helped the changelings go as fast as they could.

Changelings: (Laugh) "Faster! Faster! Faster!"

Narrator: "The changelings were having fun."

Changelings: (Laugh)

Spike: "Wow! What's going on?"

Narrator: "Mr. Waddle had never known these changelings to be so troublesome, although he still didn't say anything."

Mr. Waddle: "Be polite and kind. Remember, you are master of the town."

Narrator: "This made Discord even more cross."

Changelings: (Laugh)

Mr. Waddle: "Stop that!"

Changelings: (Laugh) "Biff and bash! Biff and bash!"

Mr. Waddle: "Right, that's it. No more Mr. Nice Pony! I am master of the town."

Changelings: "Ow! Ow! Ow!"

Mr. Waddle: "That will show you!"

Narrator: "Mr. Waddle stopped so suddenly, three big barrels of cream flew into the air."

Hoity Toity: "Not again."

Narrator: "And splattered all over Hoity Toity, and Shining Armor, and Mr. Waddle."

Hoity Toity: "My trousers!"

Mr. Waddle: "Oh no."

Narrator: "Hoity Toity was covered in cream. He was very cross indeed."

Hoity Toity: "Mr. Waddle! You have caused confusion and delay and terrible trouble to my trousers."

Mr. Waddle: "I'm so, so sorry, sir."

Narrator: "Discord tried to sneak away, but Spike pulled up in front."

Spike: "Discord! Where are you going? Mr. Waddle, why was Discord pushing you and your changelings?"

Mr. Waddle: "Discord? Was it you? Were you the one biffing and bashing me?"

Shining Armor: "And he spilled your milk this morning, Mr. Waddle."

Mr. Waddle: "Discord?"

Discord: "Um, sorry."

Hoity Toity: "I am very disappointed in you, Discord. You must learn the proper way to look after changelings."

Discord: "But, sir. Uh, yes, sir."

Hoity Toity: "And the best pony to learn from is Mr. Waddle."

Discord: "Yes, sir."

Narrator: "Mr. Waddle was very proud.

Mr. Waddle worked with Discord to help him learn how to deal with changelings."

Changelings: (Giggle)

Discord: "I'll show you."

Mr. Waddle: "No, Discord. You must be polite and kind, and one day, you might also be a master of the town."

Discord: (Chuckles) "Nice changelings. Good changelings."

Changelings: (Giggle)

Mr. Waddle: (Laughs)

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