This is the Story of N & O


  • Directed By: Fred Holmes and Bruce Deck
  • Written By: Mark S. Bernthal and Stephen White

20 Narwhel, Octopus and More Songs

Letter N Songs - Down on Barney's Farm

  1. Bought Me a Cat (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)
  2. Six Little Ducks (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)
  3. This Little Piggy (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)
  4. Mary Had a Little Lamb (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)
  5. Little Bo Peep (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)
  6. The Fishing Song (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)
  7. Turkey in the Straw (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)
  8. Over in the Meadow (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)
  9. Down on Grandpa's Farm (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)
  10. I Love You (Taken from Down on Barney's Farm)

Letter O Songs - Itty Bitty Bugs

  1. Let's Play Together (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)
  2. Gonna Have a Picnic (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)
  3. Shoo Fly (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)
  4. The Ants Go Marching (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)
  5. The Barney Bag (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)
  6. Five Little Butterflies (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)
  7. A Hiking We Will Go (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)
  8. Listen to the Nightime (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)
  9. Twinkle Little Lighting Bug (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)
  10. I Love You (Taken from Itty Bitty Bugs)


Distributed by Lyrick Studios & Time Life Kids on VHS


  • 48 Minutes


February 7, 2012 VHS / April 1, 2014 DVD


  1. Lyrick Studios FBI Warning
  2. Lyrick Studios Interpol Warning
  3. Please Stay Tuned Bumper (1995 - 1999)
  4. Come on Over to Barney's House Preview
  5. Barney Rocks Preview
  6. Barney's Super Singing Circus Preview
  7. Distributed by Lyrick Studios Logo (1998 Version)
  8. Time Life Kids Logo (1995)
  9. Noah's Ark: The Story of N - O Intro & Title Card


  1. Credits (for Prondon Me Please from Wonder Kids)
  2. Barney Buddies Club Promo
  3. Land of Million Drum Music Video for Scooby Doo (2002)
  4. And Now Our Special Presatation Logo (Paramount Version)
  5. Scooby Doo Alternate Opening (2002)
  6. Scooby Doo Delete Scenes (2002) for 15 Minutes

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