Nobita Nobi is a kid that appears in Doraemon.

As Taran in The Big Cauldron

Nobita losts his kitten Marie aka the pig Hen Wen and finishes in Hades aka Horned King's Castle. He meets Shizuka aka Ellionwy and Mr. Porter aka Fflewddur Fflam and in the castle.

As Peter Pan in Nobita Pan

Nobita is battling Warren T. Rat aka Captain Hook. Toulouse, Berlioz, Marie and the lost boys need Help.

As Aladdin in Nobilladdin

He's a prince in the movie and those sequels.

As Robin Hood in Nobil Hood

Nobita is Battling Captain Hook aka Prince John, he robs the rich to feed the poor. At the end Nobita marries Shizuka aka Maid Marian.

[[As The prince who gets turned into Tiger aka The Beast in Beauty and the Fat Cat

[[As Arthur/Wart in The Sword in the Stone (Ver. 505)

[[As Alice in Nobita in Wonderland

[[As Pinocchio in Nobinocchio

[[As Dimitri in Shizukastasia

[[As Cody in The Rescuers Down Under (Ver. 505)

[[As Roger Rabbit in Who framed Nobita Nobi?

[[As Basil in The Great Kid Detective

[[As Prince Eric in The Little Mer-Shizuka

[[As The Prince in Shizuka and the Seven Pets

[[As The Prince Charming in Shizukarella

[[As Prince Philip in Sleeping Shizuka

[[As Uncle Scrooge in Cat Tales

[[As Pingu in Nobingu

[[As Jim Dear in Marie and the City Kitten

[[As Harry Potter in Nobita Potter and its sequels

[[As Quasimodo in The Kid of Notre Dame and The Kid of Notre Dame II

[[As Scooby-Doo in Nobi-Doo

[[As Shaggy in Doraemon-Doo

[[As Timmy Turner in Fairy Odd Kittens

[[As Goku in Dinosaur Ball , Dinosaur Ball Z and Dinosaur Ball GT

[[As Ash Ketchum in Kittemon

[[As Cristopher Robin in Doraemon the Pooh

[[As Norman Price in Fireman Doraemon

[[As Elvis in Fireman Doraemon

[[As Shang in Shizukalan

[[As John Smith in Shizukahontas

[[As Hercules in Nobircules

[[As Tarzan in Nobirzan

[[As Milo in Atlantis - The Lost Island

[[As Prince Naveen in The Princess and the Kitten

[[As Ken in Ninja Hattori (Disney Version)

[[As Tony Toponi in An American Story and its sequel

[[As Eddie Valliant in Who Framed Berlioz?

[[As Edgar in The Aristo-Orphan Pets

[[As Fagin in Jeremy & Company

[[As Timmy Turner in Fairy Odd Kittens

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