Noddy's Toyland Adventures/Avenger Penguins is a parody with Noddy's Toyland Adventures footage and Avenger Penguins audio.


  • Noddy as Marlon (Both the main heroes)
  • Mr. Plod as Rocky
  • Clockwork Mouse as Bluey (Both young)
  • Tessie Bear as Bella (Both the main females)
  • Stewie (from Family Guy) as Caractacus P. Doom (Both the main villains)
  • Gaston (from Count Duckula) as Harry Slime (Harry Slime's voice suits Gaston)
  • Big Ears and Mr. Tubby Bear as The Badly Drawn Brothers
  • Gobbo and Sly as Monsters 1 and 2
  • Skittles as The other Monsters
  • Mr. Milko as Joe
  • Sally Skittle as Fairy Angel
  • The Horrid Lorries (from Thomas) as The Stink Brothers
  • Mr. Straw as Mr. President

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