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Noddy's Toyland Adventures/Banjo-Kazooie is a Parody with Noddy's Toyland Adventures Footages and Banjo-Kazooie Audio


  • Bunkey as Banjo
  • Dinah Doll as Kazooie
  • Big Ears as Mumbo Jumbo
  • Martha Monkey as Gruntilda
  • Tessie Bear as Tooty
  • Mr Tubby Bear as Boggy
  • Mr Plod as Pikelet
  • Noddy as Trophy Thomas
  • Clockwork Mouse as Bottles
  • Mr Jumbo as Gobi
  • Mr Sparks as Speccy
  • Sally Skittle as Goggles
  • Miss Pink Cat as Mrs Bottles
  • Sammy Sailor as Captain Blubber
  • Mr Milko as Mr Fit
  • Master Tubby Bear as Conker
  • Bert Monkey as Tiptup
  • Mrs. Tubby Bear as Mrs Boggy
  • Mr Wobbly Man as Klungo
  • Mr Noah as Eyrie
  • Mrs Noah as Canary Mary
  • Mr Straw as Clanker
  • Mrs Straw as Brentilda
  • Sly or Gobbo as Mr Vile

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