• Tessie Bear as Snow White
  • Noddy as The Prince
  • Gordon (from Thomas & Friends) as Doc
  • Edward (from Thomas & Friends) as Bashful
  • Percy (from Thomas & Friends) as Sneezy
  • Toby (from Thomas & Friends) as Sleepy
  • Henry (from Thomas & Friends ) as Happy
  • Thomas (from Thomas & Friends) as Dopey
  • James (from Thomas & Friends) as Grumpy
  • Mufasa, Sarabi, Simba, Nala, Rafiki, Timon, and Pumbaa, and Zazu (from The Lion King) Tod, Copper, Big Mama, Dinky and Boomer (from The Fox and the Hound) Baloo, Bagheera, Colonel Hathi, Winifred, Hathi Jr, King Louie, Flaps, Buzzie, Ziggy, Dizzy, Kaa and Shere Khan (from The Jungle Book) Sooty and Soo (from Sooty's Amazing Adventures) Kerchak, Kala, Terk and Tantor (from Tarzan) Thomas O' Malley, Duchess, Toulouse, Marie, Berlioz, Roquefort and Scat Cat (from The Aristocats) Pingu, Pinga, Robby, Pingo, Pingg, Pongi, Pingi, Pingu's Mum, Pingu's Dad and Pingu's Grandpa (from Pingu) Kenai, Koda, Rutt and Tuke (from Brother Bear) Emily, Mavis and Rosie (from Thomas & Friends) Road Runner (from Looney Tunes) Bambi, The Great Prince, Bambi's Mother, Faline, Friend Owl, Thumper and Flower (from Bambi 1 & 2) as The Forest Animals
  • Sweep (from Sooty's Amazing Adventures) as The Magic Mirror
  • Mr. Plod as The Huntsman
  • Miss Pink Cat as The Evil Queen
  • Martha Monkey as The Witch
  • Lucifer (from Cinderella) as The Evil Queen's Crow
  • Hawk (from Rango) and Falcon (from Stuart Little 2) as The Vultures

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