• Noddy as Stan Marsh (Stan Marsh's Voice suits Noddy)
  • Mr. Milko as Kyle Broflovski
  • Master Tubby Bear as Eric Cartman (Eric Cartman's Voice suits Master Tubby Bear)
  • Clockwork Mouse as Kenny McCormick
  • Bumpy Dog as Butters Stotch
  • Tessie Bear as Wendy Testaburger (Wendy Testaburger's Voice suits Tessie Bear)
  • Mr. Sparks as Randy Marsh
  • Mrs. Tubby Bear as Sharon Marsh
  • Martha Monkey as Shelly Marsh (Shelly Marsh's Voice suits Martha Monkey)
  • Mr. Tubby Bear as Gerald Broflovski
  • Miss Pink Cat as Sheila Broflovski
  • Dinah Doll as Liane Cartman
  • Bert Monkey as Stuart McCormick
  • Big Ears as Mr. Garrison
  • Mr. Straw as Mr. Mackey
  • Mrs. Straw as Principal Victoria
  • Mr. Plod as Chef
  • Mr. Jumbo as Officer Barbrady
  • Sammy Sailor as Token Black
  • Bunkey as Craig Tucker
  • Sally Skittle as Bebe Stevens (Bebe Stevens' Voice suits Sally Skittle)
  • Sly as Damien
  • Gobbo as Scott Tenorman

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