• Sly as Bulgy
  • Mr. Milko as Duck
  • Bunkey as Oliver
  • Noddy's Car as Bertie


  • Sly: Stupid nonsence!, I wouldn't have brought them if I'd known, I would fall over or something.
  • Mr. Milko: I'm glad you didn't. You'd have spoiled their fun.
  • Sly: Bah! Enjoyment is all you toys live for. One day toy garage will be ripped off!
  • Mr. Milko: We have a friend called Noddy's Car and he's a toy car, But he like the toy garage. Sometimes he teases us about it, But he'd never want to see it ripped off!
  • Sly: Huh! I know Noddy's Car. He's too small in size to be any use.
  • Mr. Milko: That goblin is Silly!

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