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Noddy's Toyland Adventures/Thomas is a Parody with Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends sounds and Noddy's Toyland Adventures clips.


Version 1 (made by SonicandKnuckles)

  • Noddy as Thomas (Noddy and Thomas are both the main heroes)
  • Big Ears as Edward (Both old and kind)
  • Mr. Tubby Bear as Henry
  • Mr. Plod as Gordon (Both wear blue)
  • Bert Monkey as James (Both vain)
  • Bumpy Dog as Percy (Both Young and Small)
  • Mr. Sparks as Toby (Toby's voice suits Mr. Sparks)
  • Mr. Milko as Duck
  • Frank and Eddie (from TUGS) as Donald and Douglas
  • Bunkey as Oliver
  • Gobbo the Goblin as Diesel (Both Evil and Horrid)
  • Burke and Blair (from TUGS) as Bill and Ben
  • Mr. Train Driver as BoCo
  • Martha Monkey as Daisy
  • Mrs. Bludgeon (from Count Duckula) as Mavis
  • Clockwork Clown as Stepney
  • Tessie Bear as Emily
  • Noddy's Car as Bertie
  • Sammy Sailor as Salty
  • Mr. Wobbly Man as Harvey
  • Master Tubby Bear as Arry
  • Sly the Goblin as Bert
  • Arthur (from Arthur) as Arthur
  • Fergus the Cat (from Budgie) as Fergus
  • Simon (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) as Skarloey
  • Theodore (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) as Rheneas
  • Garfield (from Garfield and Friends) as Sir Handel
  • Wade (from Garfield and Friends) as Peter Sam
  • Dave (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) as Rusty
  • Alvin (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) as Duncan
  • Old Pig (from Garfield and Friends) as Duke
  • Odie (from Garfield and Friends) as Freddie
  • Lenny and Carl (from The Simpsons) as Mighty Mac
  • Mrs. Noah as Lady
  • Mr. Burns (from The Simpsons) as Diesel 10
  • Jack (from TUGS) as Pichy
  • Kearney (from The Simpsons) as Splatter
  • Dolf (from The Simpsons) as Dodge
  • Mr. Straw as Sir Topham Hatt/The Fat Controller (Both wear Top Hats)
  • Mrs. Straw as Lady Hatt (Both wives to Mr. Straw and Sir Tophamm Hatt/The Fat Controller)
  • Bayswater (from TT) as Terence
  • Mr. Rusty (from The Magic Roundabout) as Trevor
  • Barrington (from TT) as Toad
  • Stewiacke (from TT) as Derek
  • Steleto (from Dangermouse) as Bulgy
  • Miss Pink Cat as Elizabeth
  • Bluenose (from TUGS) as George
  • Mr. Jumbo as Murdoch
  • Dr. Von Goosewing (from Count Duckula) as Spencer
  • Pugwash (from TT) as Caroline
  • Big Mickey (from TUGS) as Cranky
  • One of Mr. Straw's Hens as Scruffey
  • Jon Arbuckle (from Garfield and Friends) as Mr. Percival
  • Budgie (from Budgie The Little Helicopter) as Harold
  • Sally Skittle as Rosie
  • The Skittle Children as The Troublesome Trucks
  • Mr. Straw's Horse as Hector
  • Petra and Pearl (from TT) as Annie and Clarabel
  • Lionel (from Budgie The Little Helicopter) as Jeremy
  • Dinah Doll as Molly
  • Cabot (from TT) as D261
  • Ian Hawke (from Alvin and the Chipmunks the Movie) as Smudger
  • Jimmy Cuba (Fan-Made TUGS Character) as Bulstrode
  • Pearl (from TUGS) as Old Slow Coach
  • Little Ears as Dennis
  • The Goods Train (from TUGS) as Neville
  • Tex (from TT) as Hank
  • Mrs. Tubby Bear as Madge
  • Clockwork Mouse as Billy
  • Tin Tin (from Tin Tin) as Stanley
  • Charlie Brown (from Charlie Brown) as Charlie
  • Scuttlebutt Pete (from TUGS) as Butch
  • Dorothy (from TT) as Henrietta
  • Father Christmas as Hiro

Special Guest from Sonic the Hedgehog

  • Sonic as Mr. Conductor (Alec Baldwin)
  • Tails as Junior
  • Amy Rose as Lilly
  • Uncle Chuck as Burnett Stone
  • Lucas as Patch
  • Knuckles as Billy Twofeathers
  • Sally Acorn as Stacy Jones
  • Froggy as Mutt
  • Dr. Robotnik/Dr. Eggman as PT Boomer
  • Bunnie Rabbot as Lilly's Mom

Version 2

  • Noddy as Thomas (Noddy and Thomas are both Happy and Cheerful)
  • Mr. Sparks as Edward
  • Mr. Tubby Bear as Henry
  • Mr. Plod as Gordon
  • Bert Monkey as James
  • Bumpy Dog as Percy (Bumpy Dog and Percy are both Smaller Than Noddy and Thomas)
  • Big Ears as Toby
  • Mr. Milko as Duck
  • Tessie Bear as Emily (Tessie Bear and Emily are both Girlfriends to Noddy and Thomas)
  • Dinah Doll as Mavis (Dinah Doll and Mavis are both kind and Helpful)
  • Mrs. Tubby Bear as Molly
  • Sally Skittle as Rosie (Sally Skittle and Rosie are both Best Friends of Tessie Bear and Emily)
  • Martha Monkey as Daisy (Martha Monkey and Daisy are both Bossy and Naughty)
  • Sammy Sailor as Salty (Sammy Sailor and Salty are both Speaks with a West Country Accents)
  • Mr. Jumbo as BoCo
  • Clockwork Mouse as Fergus
  • Miss Pink Cat as Elizabeth
  • Master Tubby Bear as Diesel
  • Sly as Arry
  • Gobbo as Bert
  • Stewie (from Family Guy) as Spencer
  • Eric Cartman (from South Park) as Diesel 10
  • and more

Special Guests from TUGS

  • Ten Cents as Skarloey
  • Sunshine as Rheneas
  • Big Mac as Sir Handel
  • Warrior as Peter Sam
  • OJ as Rusty
  • Top Hat as Duncan
  • Hercules as Duke
  • Billy Shoepack as Freddie
  • Captain Star as Mr. Percival
  • and more

Special Guests from The Simpsons

  • Homer as Jack
  • Ned Flanders as Nelson
  • Barney as Ned
  • Principal Skinner as Bryon
  • Bart as Patrick
  • Lenny as Alfie
  • Grandpa Abe as Kelly
  • Carl as Buster
  • Chief Wiggum as Oliver
  • Marge as Isobella
  • Nelson Muntz as Max
  • Jimbo Jones as Monty

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