Noddy is the fastest Doll on Earth.

John him and his freedom fighters, Bumpy Dog, Mr. Milko, Mrs. Tubby Bear, Tessie Bear, Bert Monkey and Dinah Doll as they defeat their biggest enemy Master Tubby Bear and his nephew Gobbo the Goblin.


  • Noddy - Sonic
  • Bumpy Dog - Tails
  • Mr. Milko - Rotor
  • Bert Monkey - Antoine
  • Mrs. Tubby Bear - Bunnie Rabbot
  • Tessie Bear - Princess Sally Acorn
  • Dinah Doll - Dulcy
  • Master Tubby Bear - Dr. Robotnik
  • Gobbo the Goblin - Snively

Voice Cast:

  • Jaleel White - Noddy
  • Bradley Pierce - Bumpy Dog
  • Rob Paulsen - Bert Monkey
  • Mark Ballou - Mr. Milko (Season 1)
  • Cam Brainard - Mr. Milko (Season 2)
  • Christine Cavanaugh - Mrs. Tubby Bear
  • Kath Soucie - Tessie Bear
  • William Windom - Big Ears
  • Cree Summer - Dinah Doll
  • Tim Curry - Mr. Straw
  • Charlie Adler - Master Tubby Bear
  • Jim Cummings - Sly the Goblin

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