Noddy Vs Dinah Doll and The 8th Commandent

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Noddy Vs Dinah Doll and The 8th Commandent is a Noddy's Toyland Adventures/The Simpsons Parody episode.


  • Noddy as Homer
  • Tessie Bear as Marge
  • Bert Monkey as Bart
  • Dinah Doll as Lisa
  • Gobbo as Mr. Burns
  • and more


  • Noddy: Oh look at it this way, When you have breakfast this morning, Did you pay for it?
  • Dinah Doll: No.
  • Noddy: And did you pay for those clothes you're wearing?
  • Dinah Doll: No I didn't.
  • Noddy: Well, run the hills, Ma Parker, before I call the feds.
  • Dinah Doll: Noddy, I think that's pretty spurious.
  • Noddy: Well, thank you Dinah Doll.

  • Bert Monkey: Ay Caramba!
  • Noddy: Bert Monkey!
  • Bert Monkey: Noddy!

  • Tessie Bear: So what did you toys learn about today?
  • Bert Monkey: Hell.
  • Noddy: Bert Monkey!
  • Bert Monkey: But that's what we learn about. I sure as Hell, can't tell you we learned about Hell, unless I say Hell, Can't I?
  • Noddy: Well, The monkey has a point.
  • Bert Monkey: Hell yes!
  • Tessie Bear: Bert Monkey!
  • Bert Monkey: Hell, Hell, Hell, Hell, Hell, Hell.
  • Tessie Bear: Bert Monkey, you're no longer in sunday school. Don't swear.

  • Tessie Bear: What's gotten into Dinah Doll?
  • Bert Monkey: She beats the Hell out of me!
  • Noddy: Bert Monkey!

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