Noelle M'si

Noelle M'si is a turret gunner and back-up medic on board the mercenary ship The Echo.


  • Species: Hapan
  • Sex: Female
  • Age: ~25
  • Alignment: Light?
  • Appearance: Stands 5'7 tall, with wavy dark brown hair and eyes.
  • Weapons/Equipment: A simple hold-out blaster purchased for self-defense.
  • Primary Role Player: Quist


Noelle says she hails from the secluded Hapes Cluster, growing up in the frosty northern mountains of the Hapan homeworld. Not much is known about her beyond that, and for good reason, since any information on Hapans in general is bound to be scant, given the Consortium's isolationist tendencies.

Personality and Traits

What is known about her besides her vague origins is the fact that she's something of a polymath. She usually excels at anything she puts her mind to. She possesses a special affinity for electronics and machinery, spending a good part of her free time tinkering around with whatever she can get her hands on. She also demonstrates an aptitude for chemistry and is fascinated by the way living beings work.

Noelle is friendly and almost always upbeat. She enjoys making friends and is always ready with a quick and honest smile, no matter what the circumstances. When questioned about her past, however, she doesn't really seem to remember much and tends to deflect the conversation onto other topics.

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