Nok Tok as Thomas

Knuckles (From Sonic) as Edward

Mr. Topsy Turvy (From Mr. Men) as Henry

Wario (From Mario) as Gordon

Hank (From TT) as James

Yojojo as Percy

Yoshi (From Mario) as Toby

Mr. Wrong (From Mr. Men) as Duck

Greg and Rowley (From DOAWK) as Donald and Douglas

Jet (From Sonic) as Oliver (Jet and Oliver both are green)

De Li as Emily

Lau Lau as Mavis

Manny (From DOAWK) as Toad

Big Mac (From TUGS) as Sir Topham Hatt

Mr. Grumble (From Mr. Men) as Diesel

Wendy or Kootie Pie (From Mario) as Daisy

Fregley and Chirag (From DOAWK) as Bill and Ben

Mr. Grumpy (From Mr. Men) as Bulgy

The Chinese Dragon as Himself

Ray (From Sonic) as Bertie

Luigi (From Mario) as Terence

Silver (From Sonic) as Harold (Silver and Harold both are white and can Fly)

Grampus (From TUGS) as Trevor

Mr. Mean (From Mr. Men) as George

Little Miss Lucky (From Mr. Men) as Caroline

Espio (From Sonic) as Stepney

Cheebies as Troublesome Trucks

More Coming Soon.....

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