Noob is the character in the YouTube Thomas the Tank Engine parody by cactus190706.


Noob saw Steam Engine is taken by Peggy to the steal works to get melted down, but suddenly they stopped. Steam Engine tells Noob that he needs help, because Steam Engine had been ruined the Sodor while Sir Topham Hatt is away. Then Steam Engine tells Noob that both of them are going to swap places which made Noob scared. Steam Engine is gonna become Noob and Noob is gonna become Steam Engine, and that means Noob will be dead. Noob begs Steam Engine not to do that but Steam Engine is refusing. Noob is trying to stay alive but Steam Engine wants him dead. Noob is too scared and he says "Please Potty Woggle!" to Steam Engine, but Steam Engine angrily shuts Noob up. Poor Noob is sent to the steal works and melted down! As Noob is dead, people saw Steam Engine's face and they would know that he's Steam Engine. So they decieded to make that a little accident, and Steam Engine's face is covered.



Death: May 27, 2011 (aged )


Appearance: Darker Green Western Engine With 6 Black Wheels, Black Funnel, Red Chassis, Black Buffers, Grey Face

Quotes: "Oh, hello, Potty Woble. What's going on?"

afflections good

Allies: Banga, Peggy, Steam Engine (formerly)

Enemies: Steam Engine



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