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Rodian NEGAS

A Noophian

The Noophians are a bipedal race of humanoids with tapir-like face and multifaceted eyes is native to the planet Noophin, in the Tyrius system. The skin of a Noophian is green in color, and there is very little physical variation within the species. Thus, non-Noophians often cannot tell two Noophians apart. The Noophian race has ears that swivel in their sockets, allowing them to hear in several directions. There is a ridge of spikes which crests their skulls, and their long, flexible fingers are tipped with suction cups. They are a race of hunters by nature, and bounty hunting seems to hold a place of high esteem. As a race, they evolved are hunters, surviving their planet's tropical environment and establishing a series of war games which lasted for thousands of years. Many of the Noophians who make a living off-planet are working as bounty hunters for corrupt crime lords.

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