Norjhiko, like his brother Conleroth and sister Hilmina, whom he loved, was an undead hunter. He would go on leader-assigned missions to help free or destroy all undead under evil sway. He was very experienced at his trade, when Visorak attacked the island base. He fought with his brothers destroying Visorak after Visorak, but they kept coming. Finally, the SpiritBreaker army, helped by ex-Dark Hunters Donum and Duplium, managed to sneak into the Visorak camp. All the Visorak were destroyed, but only four survivors are known, Norjhiko among them. He now helps his brother Conleroth with the New Order. He commands the Spy Squad, but is technacally part of the Homelnad Security division.

Norjhiko also manages Fugaheider and is second in command to Conleroth himself in the New Order of the SpiritBreakers. He has lived through several battles with the Brotherhood of Ak'Rei'An and now fights more hoping for peace, or in Mevopen pacis.

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