Normal Big Show is an upcoming 6th episode for The Original Story Toons.


After Big Show is  treated like a dummie he figures out a way to be normal but his friends have concern about him.


Big Show as-sures himself Kenity will keep him company, Kenity does'nt want him around. He tries to play with Santino but Big Show finds no explaination in him either. Big Show gets angry and as-sures Santino he'll show him he's normal. Over night Big Show plans on figuring what to do if his normal senses apper to him. He thinks about his friends treating him like he's dumb. Santino speaks to Big Show then Big Show replies hi how are ya?. 

Undertaker says hi and Big Show becoming plainly rude explains he does'nt want him around any longer and demands Undertaker to leave him alone. Kenity speaks to Big Show and ignores him. Whitey speaks to him and Big Show  tells him leave him alone. Big Show angry scares everyone away. Melissa auditions for dance and Big Show says Next Santino comes next and Big Show says next again then Whitey performs the tryout then Kenity and Danny. Whitey and Danny siting next to Big Show makes Big Show angrier than they could ever imagine. Big Show then apoligizes to Santino and the rest of his friends for being mean to them. Big Show comments on Santino as a nice guy.


Big Show as himself.

Kenity as himself.

By: Roc.

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