Norman, as seen in Fiery Flynn

Norman, nicknamed Norm, is a Diesel who officially appeared in Day of the Diesels.

Date of Birth

  • September 7, 1995

Date of Death

  • October 30, 2011 (aged 16)


Norman is a Diesel engine who often breaks down. He is rather aggressive and rough, but deep down is like a big brother to Paxton. If he were fixed properly, he would show what a Really Useful Engine he is. He is very witty and well-spoken, takes these warnings to heart and embarks on a sinister path.

He is also Dennis' twin and share the same dilemma.


Norman is based on a type of Bulleid Diesel, "No. 11001". Dennis is an other member of this class.


Norman is painted red with yellow lining and a grey roof. He also has a prominent unibrow.

Voice Actors


Major Appearances

Television series

Season 15
  • Fiery Flynn (not named)
Season 17
  • Frozen Turntable
  • The Missing Christmas Decorations
  • Day of the Diesels (not named)


Season 16
  • Bust My Buffers!


  • Norman's theme is the Roll Call from the Day of the Diesels theme song, which he shares with Den, Dart, Paxton, and Sidney.




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