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This mini-wiki is obsolete. Please go to for current information.

Well, I got tired of waiting for the link-apache-to-dokuwiki proposal to pass, so while we're waiting, here's a mini wiki.

Normish is the first ever (as far as I can tell) massively democratic Internet server. If you want to do something to it--install some software, add a web interface, restructure the account system, etc.--you can write a proposal to do it, and if it gets the required number of votes, it'll happen. Of course, at the moment, Normish is pretty much for programmers only, since proposals need to be written in computer code. In the future, though...

If you're interested in what already exists on the server, go to Map of Normish. For things we'll probably do in the future, see Plans for Normish.

The official IRC channel for Normish is #rootnomic on freenode. Ask for an account there; if you're given one, you'll be able to access Normish via SSH at You can also ask for an account here on this mini-wiki, I suppose.

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