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Eight Shields Organization Model:About the North

Craig Ragland speaks for the North for the FIC Art of Community NW Event.

Some Key Questions

  • Will this event be a "congress" as described here?
    • From our conversations, I think we're headed away from this in favor of a "you all come" model.
    • The larger event could explicitly include some leadership connectors
  • How big does the leadership team envision that this event will be?
    • How many participants? We've said 500-1000...
    • How much sponsorship? How many? How much money is enough?
    • How many presenters? Are we looking at multiple tracks, e.g. ICs, Sustainability, Community Development?
  • What type of supporting materials?

Top Priorities - and status

  1. Edit event wiki so others can more readily plug in - an ongoing process which will continue until we fully close upon the event
  2. Recruit other members of the event's Core Leadership Team - currently, Jan 20, there are 5 members, enough for us to really go for it!
  3. Determine NICA sponsorship relationship with event - done on a high level, need to get specific and likewise for the whole sponsorship structure
  4. Flesh out the early (Jan/Feb) portions of the Event Project Schedule - little progress
  5. Initiate/Discuss vision and purpose with key stakeholders - in progress, have discussed with Harvey Baker and Laird Schaub, of FIC, the event's "presenting organization" and non-profit overall beneficiary.
    1. Identify the initial Event Stakeholders

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