North America is divided into 3 Major countries. All of which are divided into kingdoms.


The United States in Axeoth are divided into six different kingdoms. These kingdoms are ruled by humans. The six kingdoms are:

  • Enroth: The great kingdom to the East. The kingdom was founded by a mighty lion of power, and is filled with talking animals and mythical creatures. Enroth features rolling hills rising into low mountains to the south, and is predominantly forested except for marshlands in the north. There are several cities and towns that dot Enroth. Towns include: Beruna, Beaversdam, and Chippingford.
  • Erathia: Erathia is a land locked kingdom that borders Enroth and Nighon. The people of Erathia are descended from people from Enroth who married and had children with Naiads and Dryads. They were banished during the rule of queen Jadis and formed the kingdom of Erathia.
  • Nighon: Nighon is the largest kingdom and home to a brutal warmongering people known as the Nighons. They have tried to conquer many nations around the world to expand their territory outside their west


Canada is home to savage giants. The land is known as the Forbidden North, because people from Enroth are forbidden to travel there in case of emergencies.


Mexico is divided into several territories ruled by a centaur tribe. Above the tribes is what is called the Forbidden Jungle, where no one is to enter alone.

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