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Van Nuys High School (6535 Cedros Ave)

This was the location for the 1979 movie, "Rock and Roll High School," featuring The Ramones

B B King's Blues Club (1000 Universal Center Drive)

The club is endorsed by the man himself.

The Jackson’s Mansion (Encino)

When royalty cheques started rolling in, Mr Jackson Snr moved the family to California in 1971, to a mansion in Encino located in the Hollywood Hills. Young Michael lived here with his parents until 1988 (when he was 30), when he bought the Sycamore Ranch in the Santa Ynez Valley, which he renamed Neverland Ranch.

San Fernando Mission Cemetery (11160 Stranwood Ave, San Fernando)

Ritchie Valens (he changed his name from Valenzuela) is buried here - Valens is best known for his 50s hit La Bamba. Valens died in the same plane crash that killed Buddy Holly. Chuck Connors is also buried here.

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