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North Teton continues to closely model its military forces on those of Teton. Some units of the Teton military, stationed in the north at the time of the civil war, supported the secessionists. Relations between the two countries improved over time. Currently, North Teton personnel may be selected to attend a limited number of positions at Teton military schools. Due to limited financial resources, a smaller population, and rugged mountain terrain, North Teton has no mechanized infantry. In time of war transportation needs would be met through commandeering civilian vehicles. During peacetime, in the event of a rare, large exercise, rental vehicles augment the Army’s limited transport assets.

Order of Battle

4th Inf Bn

BN CDR – LTC Fannita “Fanta” Messavir

XO – MAJ Nulata Kaltag

BN SGT MAJOR – Krotan Uzxanven

Companies (4)

1. Lochsa

CO CDR – Kiana Kasuk

XO – Molfetir Chigitaw

3 subordinate platoons

2. Norshak

CO CDR – CPT Corvus Thanna

XO - 1LT

3 subordinate platoons

3. Tuvenay

CO CDR – CPT Fentucky Tradip

XO - 1LT Odoran Lemuria

3 subordinate platoons

4. Yengir

CO CDR – Sfostaam Lekensrad

XO 1LT – Nanbodi Vya

3 subordinate platoons

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