Northeastern Times is a name used by a number of student publications at different times. It has no relation to the current humor magazine, the Northeastern Times New Roman.

The original Northeastern Times formed sometime in the late 1980s as a color tabloid-form newspaper. Among other things, it handed out the annual Turkey Awards, for disappointing events or people in university affairs.

In the early 1990s, the publication was turned into a periodical magazine, properly styled NU Times Magazine, with less of a focus on campus news and more on editorial and feature-style articles, with a popularly alternative and fun-loving bent. One example of the magazine's style was a two-part review of public bathrooms on campus, building by building.

Around 1993, the magazine was taken over by more political editors, including Marc "Marq" Horchled, renamed the Times In Review and changed to a journal format (similar somewhat in style to the Northeastern Spectrum), focusing again on opinion and feature-style articles, but with a serious leftist political message. Two issues were produced before the publication was again abandoned.

In 1995, the publication transferred to Keith Tyler and former Onyx Informer writer Claude Sneed (later president of NBSA), moving to a magazine format, and incorporating elements of opinion, poetry, and first-person accounts. This form of the Times received accolades for a multi-page spread on Sneed's experiences at the Million Man March. This form of the Times published four issues over 1995-1996 before being abandoned.

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