This is a list and description of MBTA subway stops serving or commonly used by the Northeastern community, in order by line and from east to west.

The Green and Orange lines run directly through the NU campus and into nearby communities.

Green line

  • Symphony is an underground streetcar stop near Symphony Hall, which is a useful stop for students living in the St. Stephen Street Apartments, as well as many of the red-brick condos in the Back Bay around Westland Ave.
  • Northeastern is the major campus T stop, located directly in front of the Krentzman Quadrangle as well as the major freshman residence halls on the other side of Huntington. It is the first above-ground stop on the outbound E line.
  • Museum of Fine Arts is a convenient stop for locations west of Forsyth, such as Burstein-Rubinstein and West Village.
  • Brigham Circle is the best stop for Tremont Street and other places in Mission Hill, once a popular place to live for off-campus students due to the low housing costs.

Orange line

  • Massachusetts Ave has an entrance at the intersection of Huntington and Mass Ave, near a number of restaurants and stores popular on campus.
  • Ruggles has an entrace at the cul-de-sac at the end of Forsyth street, near the Egan Center, Ryder Hall, and Shillman Hall. It is also accessible via an access road from Columbus, on the other side.
  • Also, Roxbury Crossing is close to the Mission Hill area.

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